Designed to perform. Engineered to last.

Reverso boasts a powerful wide rigid hull, marked by shape changing angles in its cross section. This Audi Talents Award nominated design, is the perfect cocktail for planing, surfing, and sailing.The rigging was engineered to be unparalleled in both quality and performance. Leaving nothing to chance, Reverso chose the best fittings and manufacturing processes available on the market today. The lines are even skillfully woven in France using Dyneema®, under the watchful eye of artisan ropers. Reverso’s meticulous attention to detail, and hours of intense research and development really shines when it comes to its simple, yet fast and effortless assembly system.

Stowing a Reverso Boat in an SUV

Eliminating the storage issues that typically come with owning a boat, the Reverso can be tucked away in the trunk of an SUV, inside an RV storage compartment or in a shed. Reverso’s watertight four section hull design, and patented compression system allows for assembly in just 10 minutes — without using a single tool. The extended shape of the hull design lends itself to a balance of performance and stability. Additionally the Reverso is confidence inspiring for less-seasoned sailors, and is perfect for outings with 1 or 2 children. Adding to the element of safety, Reverso is self-bailing. It’s sloped floor automatically evacuates water in just a few seconds through large drains located in the transom.

Speedometer on Reverso AIR

REVERSO: Breaking the mold of mediocrity
Everything down to the design of the cockpit has been carefully planned and scrutinized by Reverso’s award-nominated design team. The cockpit is specifically designed to accommodate the optional Velocitek SpeedPuck GPS speedometer which can record and analyze boat speed two times every second! This is the only sailing dinghy with an OE GPS speedo.

The final design of Reverso was perfected after many functional prototypes and years of R&D. Every member of the design team is a seasoned sailor, surfer, windsurfer or kitesurfer.

When assembled, Reverso is completely rigid despite its segmented, nesting, hull design. The Reverso hull is constructed in 4 sections, using Airex vacuum infusion with fiberglass polyester composite with carbon reinforcements. The construction quality is unparalleled in the marine industry.

With Reverso, your imagination is the only limit.

The Reverso AIR makes it possible for anyone to own their own sailboat. Regardless whether you are a new or world class sailor, the Reverso AIR will provide unparalleled thrills and fun each time you secure the hull sections together.

Reverso AIR

The Reverso AIR is the perfect boat for both new sailors and seasoned racers alike. Without sacrificing performance or portability, the Reverso is as easy to sail as it is to store!...

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