A combination of versatility and innovation.

Whether you're an avid fisherman, camper, or thirst for exploration and adventure, the Takacat is the boat of your dreams! Easily transportable, a one-of-a-kind Open Transom design, and the ability to be rowed or powered by an outboard, the Takacat is one of the most versatile inflatable catamarans on the market.

Takacat's innovative catamaran hull design and revolutionary removable open transom allows for a more efficient and compact deflation of the boats inflatable tubes — making the Takacat significantly lighter and smaller than its competitors. This is a big advantage when it comes to handling, transportation and storage.

Family on a Takacat

Easy to setup, transport and store. Takacats are designed for quick and easy assembly. It's as simple as inserting the top and bottom stainless steel tubes into postion, inflating the main chambers to pressure (3psi). Inflation by our speedy electric pump takes 5 - 8 minutes depending on the size of the Takacat you are inflating. The Takacat offers true portability. They can be fully deflated and will fit into most cars, SUVs, etc. They can be transported either inflated or deflated on roof racks. They can be stored easily on boat decks and duckboards. They also take up very little space when stowed away for storage.

Takacat sport on a beach

Takacat is a young & innovative New Zealand based company located in the ‘City of Sails’, Auckland, NZ. Takacat has been committed to bringing to the New Zealand and international markets a new and exciting range of catamaran inflatable boats which offer the key attributes of safety, stability and speed with great versatility and ease of use characteristics.

Led by Director Greg Sowden, Takacat is focused on providing quality and innovative inflatable catamarans with outstanding customer service. You will love your Takacat dinghy!

Greg’s leading edge design arises from a lifetime spent in and around inflatable boats. This depth of experience led him to produce an innovative modern range of inflatable catamaran sport boats that are high performance, versatile, portable, cost effective and capable of handling various conditions.

Experience Advanced Fun for the Whole Family

As the Exclusive United States Dealer of Takacat, we offer their complete line of boats, and accesories. The Takacat offers a practical, fun tender option — a boat in a bag which you can take anywhere and get out onto the water in double-quick time. Takacat's large diameter tubes plus low resistance catamaran hull design provides exceptional stability. When you are out on the water, if boarding your Takacat from the mother-ship or enjoying a spot of fishing, you will really appreciate the stability of your Takacat.

Takacat Lite X

The innovative Takacat Lite X is the latest in catamaran dinghy design. These inflatable dinghies are feature rich: Catamaran tunnel hull design Open bow for easy entry...

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