No trailer. No slip fees. Just pure fun.

One of the more frustrating aspects of owning a boat is paying for a slip or lugging around a trailer. With our boats you need neither of those! Our boats either break down into bags that can fit in most cars, or break down into components that can be transported on top most cars.

All of the boats that Red Beard sells are light enough to be transported by one individual, without compromising quality, durability, fun, and performance. Every component is designed so you can assemble and dismantle the boat using only your hands.

Transporting a TakaCat Catamaran

Our boats can be checked-in as luggage on a plane, or transported via your car's trunk or roof.*

No need to hold back your sense of adventure! Grab the next flight to your favorite tropical locale and check your MiniCat on as luggage. You could hop off the plane and head straight to the water if you’d like!

From the-bag-to-the-water, our boats assemble in as fast as ten minutes.

Aside from being extremely portable, some of our boats can be assembled in as little as ten minutes without the use of any tools.

See how quick and easy it is to start your own boating adventure.

Spend less time lugging, and more time sailing. Some of our boats weigh as little as 70 lbs, so they’re easy to transport from the car or even from a plane.

Perfect for a solo adventure, or a family cruise. Our boats carry between 1 – 4 people. We have options for solo adventures, or big fun for the whole family.

Transporting an X-Cat Catamaran

* Minicat, and Takacat an be transported by their proprietary bag system. X-Cat requires transportation by car roof. Minicat, and Takacat will fit into most car trunks, and hatches.

With excellent sailing characteristics and simple control, MiniCat appeals not only to young budding yachtsmen, but also to older experienced sailors. Despite MiniCat’s ultra lightweight and simplicity, major emphasis has been given to the quality and strength of the materials used during production.

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X-Cat belives that quality begins with the selection of the best materials. With details that others do not even notice – and in particular with testing the actual product to such an extent – they are 100% percent sure that even the most critical customer will be satisfied with their final product.

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Reverso is a whole new take on the performance sailing dinghy. Reverso is as fast as it is portable. Reverso AIR provides unparalleled portability and performance. Made with space age technologies, Reverso is at the forefront of both performance and quality. Designed by world renowned Charles Bertrand, Reverso is the pinnacle of sailboat design and build quality.

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As boat-people ourselves, we believe in finding the perfect fit for your sailing needs. With a couple of simple questions, we can pair you with the right vessel from our curated product line. Whether it’s an open water adventure, your maiden voyage, or family vacation cruiser, we’ve got the perfect boat for you.

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