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Founded in 2015, Red Beard Sailing started the craze of portable and inflatable sailboats in the USA.

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Owning a traditional sailboat can be hard work!

Between maintenance and repairs who has the time to spare to actually go sailing?

Portable & Inflatable sailboats eliminate the headaches of boat ownership,
making it easy to get out on the water!


No trailer means you can take your sailboat with you anywhere!


Portable Sailboats cost less than comparable hard hulled boats!


Modular parts and easy patching means you can easily repair your boat yourself!


A boat that is easy to use will get used more often.
Enjoy sailing more with an easy to use portable boat!


Small pack-down sizes mean you can store your boat safely anywhere!

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XCAT Multi-Sport Catamaran

Sail, Row, Motor
The XCAT Does It All

The XCAT Multi-Sport Catamaran can sail, it can row, it can motor. It does all of this while only taking 15 minutes to assemble and without the need for a trailer to transport!

Easily transported on the roof of your car or in the bed of a pickup truck, the XCAT is the world's most portable non-inflatable sailboat!

Built for speed and safety, the XCAT can handle high wind days just as easily as light wind days!

MiniCat Inflatable Catamaran Sailboats

The Sailboat That
Fits In Your Car!

MiniCat Boats are the most complete, well thought out inflatable boats on the market. No other inflatable boat manufacturer offers a comparable selection of boat models or as wide of a selection of accessories.

Compact and affordable, MiniCat inflatable sailboats are the most economical way to spend time on the water!

Choose between the MiniCat Guppy, 310, 420, and 460.

Happy Cat Inflatable Catamaran Sailboats

The World's Fastest
Inflatable Sailboat

Happy Cat inflatable catamarans are versatile on the water, and can handle anything from high speed races, to all-day family fun. These boats are just as happy sailing at 6 knots as they are at 20 knots!

Happy Cat Boats are also constructed from the highest quality materials like eco-friendly rubber hulls instead of plastic, and anodized aluminum frames and mast. These innovative materials and attention to details will ensure your Happy Cat is built to last you many adventures for years to come.

Choose between the Happy Cat Neo, Hurricane, and Evolution.

Astus Trimaran

Where Speed
Meets Economy

Designed by the legendary French design firm, VPLP, the Astus' line of boats offers a very unique path to sailing.
Their portable Astus 14.5 fits the bill for solo sailors, but the rest of their range can be enjoyed by the whole family!

Keep an eye out for the Astus 20.5 and 22.5 as they are well positioned as economical trimaran speedsters with key features that make owning a trimaran sailboat much more enjoyable!

Shop Inflatable Watercraft

Takacat Inflatable Boats

Inflatable Dinghy

The Takacat range of inflatable boats range from 8' 6" to 15' 1" in length.

Whether you’re looking to explore your favorite fishing spot or take the family out on the open water, Takacat has you covered. The two carrying bags make Takacat compact and easy to transport.

Assemble your Takacat in as little as 10 minutes!
The quick assembly time will have you on the water in no time at all!

ROWonAIR Portable Rowing Boats

On The Water Rowing
Made Portable

ROWonAIR offers the most portable rowing experience in the world! 

Their products range from inflatable v-bottom boards optimized for rowing performance to the world's best portable rowing systems!

RowMotion is perfect for a traditional traditional rowing experience.

RowVista is utilizes advanced engineering to create forward facing rowing.

Whichever you choose ROWonAIR delivers an unmatched portable rowing experience.

Grabner Inflatable Kayaks

World Class
Inflatable Kayaks

Grabner manufactures the world's best inflatable kayaks, period.

Made of recyclable EPDM rubber, these kayaks are both durable and long lasting, with an expected and proven lifetime of 25+ years, as well as the most environmentally friendly inflatable boats in the world!

The Grabner kayak range offers kayaks that are capable of class 5 rapids as well as recreational and expedition kayaks that will fit any paddler's needs!

Grabner Inflatable Canoes

The World's Best
Inflatable Canoe

Grabner inflatable canoes are legendary with the Adventure Canoe being the closest thing you can get to a traditional canoe without the extra weight, instability or transport woes! 

Whether you are going for a leisurely paddle on the lake or taking on the Alaskan wilderness, a Grabner canoe can take the abuse and make sure you are getting the most out of your time on the water!

ePropulsion Portable Electric Outboard Motors

Electric Propulsion Made Easy & Fun!

ePropulsion motor technology and designs are the result of years of testing a consumer feedback.

Whether you are looking to re-power to an electric drive setup or just looking for a lightweight motor for docking that can be removed while sailboat racing, ePropulsion has you covered!

The Vaquita motor is a lightweight, compact SUP motor that has been adapted to fit the XCAT and other lightweight sailboats.

The Spirit 1.0 is a 3HP equivalent motor that can employ a large battery bank or have a battery directly mounted to the motor for added convenience. This is the most popular motor in the ePropulsion lineup.

The Navy and Pod Drive systems are also available for larger and more permanent installations. Please email ( or call us (410-705-5026) to quote your next repower project!

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

Row Vista - Beyond Amazing

Alex, I gotta tell you this. Yesterday I was at Lake Natoma, the home to the Sacramento Aquatic Center, with my Kayak and RowVista kit. What I did not know was that there was a whole bunch of rowing teams practicing. (I later googled and found that they have the PAC 12 happening today, which is a University level competition). The look of amazement and bewilderment that I got from the boys and girls on sculls was amazing. It felt that this was the first time they saw someone row forward which btw is the only way I know, as the first time I rowed was 2 weeks ago. I got smiles, cheers and sometimes envy (side eyes) from over a 100 young people. I thought of going again today but I think I couldn't handle any more attention. The RowVista definitely made me the coolest rower, although not the fastest among these professional athletes. While, I have improved to 4.6 mph (7.4 km/h) over 2 km since I got the kit. Thanks for letting me live this moment, eagerly waiting for the XCAT.

Carbon 420 - The Perfect Cat

We bought a Carbon 420 in Nov 2020, and have sailed it almost every week since then, sometimes twice a week! Alex is great to work with, answers every question, and is extremely knowledgeable. He truly loves the sport! One of the first things we did was intentionally capsize it to see how hard it was to right... Almost too easy! It's super easy for 1 person to right. And the carbon mast is super light and easy to step. So glad we got the carbon version! We find that it is highly stable, but very nimble. And it can really fly! We love that combination. It's fun and easy! Some accessories we highly recommend: Flextail pump. Cuts inflation time tremendously. And deflates fast to make storage really easy. Upgraded shackles. Huge difference in knowing they are secure, easy to check, and so easy to turn. Worth it! Front trampoline. Rope ladder. Outboard attachment. Trolley wheels. Because we added weight with an electric motor, we made a telescoping extension that hooks over the trolley axle. Now we launch and retrieve easily even at a ramp. The boat just floats on and off the trolley. Super easy and fast! Overall, we highly recommend the Carbon 420. It's perfect for us. We spend wonderful days on the water, sailing, exploring, snorkeling, and just loving the sound of water against the boat. And we definitely recommend Red Beard Sailing... Alex has the best service and the best prices!


Having sailed most of my life I was looking for a cat that did not require a trailer, but was large enough for a family of 6 to go day sailing and over-nighting while providing a level of excitement to keep the kids interested (speed). Other options didn't offer the loading capacity, size, portability, and performance found on the Happy Cat. I purchased our Happy Cat in 2020 and have sailed it with my family at numerous locations around Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, and Lake Ontario. Its portability makes it possible to fit in our RV (I've even had the Happy Cat in our Chrysler minivan along with the whole family-tight, but possible). With two adults on board, flying a hull is easy, non-eventful, and adds exhilaration to a day of sailing. Loaded with my family of 6+gear, the Evolution easily skims across the water at speeds that keep my young kids wanting more! While not the least expensive option, the construction, quality hardware/rigging, ease of sailing, performance, and portability made this a perfect choice for us. Alex assisted in reaching a decision on a boat which was best suited for my needs in a NO pressure manner. After sale support from Alex has been AWESOME! Alex continues to answer questions, provide input, and promptly responds to email, texts, as well as phone calls. Thanks Alex for helping me select the right boat to introduce my four young children to the amazing world of sailing..Oh, by the way, I feel like a kid again when sailing the Happy Cat!!


So happy with this purchase four seasons in. It’s a serious boat with all the lines and controls exactly where you want them. The light weight makes it easy to go in the lightest wind, and the rugged engineering feels solid even when it’s up on one pontoon in 20 knots. One person can easily get it righted if you manage to flip it (which doesn’t happen often). Alex has provided great service the whole way. I haven’t needed much, but he is responsive and knowledgeable. I have patched a pontoon, gotten some rigging replicated at West Marine, and attached a trolling motor to tool around when there’s no wind. All of that has been easy enough, and I see years of great sailing ahead of me in my Minicat 420. Can’t say enough positive things about the boat and Red Beard.

The Best

We purchased our RowVista X-Cat in 2016 and could not be happier with it. Superior engineering and construction. Red beard Sailing and Alex specifically are the best in the business to work with. Five stars in every category.

Awesome Cat!

Got our 420 (LD Edition) from Alex at Redbeard this past summer (2017) and love the boat. I have owned and raced A-Class catamarans and while this is understandably no A-Cat, it is an awesome little boat that is a blast to sail! We live aboard our cruising catamaran, JADE, and wanted a portable sailing dinghy to mess around with while anchored in various places. Alex has been a great source, from the original set up and demo of the boat, through the purchase, delivery, inventory and follow up. The boat is very simple to set up (and actually fun to construct) and is lightweight enough to sling over the side with our big boat's spinnaker halyard, so we can set everything up on the trampoline of JADE and then launch and go. The roller furling jib is a great feature that really makes getting underway and docking very easy. My wife and I can sail it together, comfortably, as there is plenty of room on the tramp and hulls. I sailed the other day, solo, pacing a friend on his roto-molded beach cat and kept up in winds that were just shy of 15kts. It comes apart very easily and stows in two heavy vinyl zippered bags which we stow internally in JADE. Because this is a boat that sails really well AND is collapsable and easy to assemble and disassemble, it was the right choice for us. Can't wait to get out and sail it some more!

An Inflatable Dinghy That You Can Row!

I had a small Mercury inflatable for about 10 years, and when I went looking for a replacement, I needed something a little larger and--I hoped--a boat I could row. We usually row out to our moorings on the midcoast of Maine and rarely use an outboard either on the dinghy or the sailboats. The design of the Takacat 260 Sport offered less wetted surface to push through the water and more space for people and gear. The high-pressure inflatable floor was an added bonus: soft and sure under foot and quick to dry, not to mention the convenience of having any rainwater settle below the floor and drain readily from the stern when the bow is lifted. This is our second season, and the "Left Behind" is working out beautifully. We frequently carry an oarsman, two passengers and an 80-pound Golden Retriever, although the boat certainly handles better with a lighter load. Alex handled the delivery from New Zealand to Maryland to Maine without a hitch.


This thing is a little rocket. This is my Third year with the X-cat. I still love it. I also have a 30 foot keelboat, but I take the X-cat out a lot. The X-cat is stable & well designed. I just took it out in worsening weather (against my better judgement). Very choppy conditions and accelerating winds with some light rains. I was sure I would pitch-pole but did it just would not happen. I also stayed pretty dry which was a big surprise. The motor is also wonderful for leaving against the tide. We’re still happy with it.


For a long time I have dreamed to own a sailboat, but don't have the space to have a towable one. Storage and transport were major concerns since I live an hour and a half from the nearest sailable lake. I learned about Minicat and was completely amazed about its features. Alex did a good job taking me and my family for a demo sail and the deal was closed the same day. Now we own a 420 emotion and it is our dream turned into reality. For novices like us, it took just a couple of hours on the water to learn by ourselves how to take the boat to where we want to go, it is very stable, fun and easy to sail. The service at Red Beard Sailing is not limited to the sale, we know we can count on them for whatever we need, five stars for sure!

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