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The Red Beard Story

To tell you about us, I need to start with when I was first introduced to sailing. My grandfather owned a Bristol 29 sailboat named “Bohemian”. That was the boat I grew up on. I spent many summer weeks out on that boat and my love of sailing started there.

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Red Beard Sailing has partnered with Catamaran Sailor to provide inflatable sailboat enthusiasts with a place where they can discuss all things inflatable sailboats.

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Sailing Gear From Gill

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MiniCat Mini Catamaran

The MiniCat is a high performance mini catamaran that fits in your car! You can have performance comparable to a Hobie without the need for a trailer or a marina to store your boat. Most importantly, these boats can FLY! We have had customers record numbers higher than 18 knots under sail! We have models suited for solo sailing and children to larger 4 person and racing models. These small catamaran sailboats are for everyone!

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X-Cat Multi-Sport

X-Cat Multi-Sport Catamaran

The X-Cat is everything you could want out of a portable boat. Easily carried, rigged, and handled by one normal person! This boat truly is a Multi-Sport Catamaran. Choose from standard sail, rowing, the revolutionary RowVista package that allows you to row while facing in the direction you are traveling. This boat is our quickest to assemble, with a car-to-water time of about 10 minutes!!

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Takacat Lite

Red Beard Sailing is also the exclusive distributor for Takacat in the USA which boasts the most revolutionary design in inflatable dinghies. These are not sailboats like our other three lines of watercraft, but they offer increased stability and safety for our customers that only need a tender. This boat is also perfect for the fisherman that doesn't want to invest in a larger boat, and is tired of fishing on the river banks.

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