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The MiniCat 420 is the most popular boat in the fleet for MiniCat measuring just under 14 feet overall length. This is a boat that collapses down to fit into two equal sized bags (weighing about 50 lbs each).

This boat is designed for a maximum of four people.

2018 Update

The MiniCat 420 is being upgraded in 2018! The 420 Easy will be discontinued and moving forward all 420 models will have a complete facelift and a handful of technical changes improving performance, including:

  • A new design of the sail and jib
  • new float design
  • new bag design
  • an adjusted trampoline
  • Change in shape and position of the keel fins
  • An improved frame that will be smoother and without the pealing effect
  • a new Gennaker
  • a new pocket (snuffer) for Gennaker on 420 (as an option)

Click here to purchase the Gennaker option.

The 420 Instinct will remain as a leisure boat with no provisions to attach the Gennaker.

The 420 Emotion, Evoque, and Laura Dekker will have a new mast design that has the same thickness and profile as the 460 and the ability to use a Gennaker.


Technical Specs

  • Length 13' 9"
  • Beam 6' 11"
  • Weight 97 lbs
  • Mast Height 16' 7"
  • Sail Area (Jib + Main) 104.4 ft2
  • Crew Size 1 - 4
  • Hull Material Heytex 5509
  • Carrying Capacity 992 lbs
  • Custom Sails Yes
  • Optional Motor Bracket Yes
  • Setup/Rigging Time 30 minutes
  • Keel Type LAR Keels

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