The Next Generation of Performance Trimarans. 


Designed by Legendary Yacht Designer VPLP


designed in France

Astus boats are proudly designed and manufactured exclusively in France.

The Astus yard has been building high quality performance fiberglass and carbon fiber sail and power boats since 2004. Concieved by Jean-Hubert Pommois, a passionate sailor and yachtsman, the Astus brand has carved out a large niche of the small trimaran even during the peak of the Corsair empire!

The modern Astus trimarans bring key features that are not offered, at a reasonable price point, by any other brands! From telescoping beams to vacuum infusion construction, these boats are at the top of the heap of small performance trimaran sailboats!

With four unique models in the lineup, there’s an Astus for every sailor’s next adventure!

Astus Boats - Where Value and Quality Meet

Astus boats share a designer and in turn share a number of key features that set them apart from the crowd!

Fast and Stable Sailing Fun

Astus boats are exclusively trimaran sailboats. Trimaran sailboats are widely regarded as the most stable sailing boat. This stability allows VPLP, the naval architect behind the whole line of Astus designs, to equip these boats with aggressive and efficient sail plans that make these Astus trimarans some of the fastest sailboats available on the market!

Keep your boat in the water, where it belongs!

Astus has chosen to embrace the telescoping beams (known as Akas) design and this work very much in their favor! The idea behind a telescoping beam is to do away with heavy and bulky armatures as well as over-built fiberglass beams and go with lightweight, simple and reliable aluminum or carbon fiber beams that provide a lot of rigidity but keep complexity and weight low.

In addition to the performance advantages of a simple telescoping beam, Astus are easy to keep in the water in a monohull slip. Because the beams slide laterally, the bottom of the Amas (the two little hulls) remain the bottom for navigating a marina and even dock in a monohull slip! Other boats that have folding systems fold their Amas under the main hull (Vaka) and this can result in a very ugly scum line on the sides and decks of the boat after only a day or two in the water!

Vacuum Infusion construction keeps everything lightweight

Astus boats are made with vacuum infusion methods of fiberglass layup. This simply means that when manufacturing the boat, they end up using exactly the right amount of epoxy to create the strongest fiberglass possible while also keeping excess weight low.

A low weight boat offers a number of benefits, from faster sailing on the water, more carry capacity for crew and gear as well as an easier to tow boat. The Astus 20.5 with vacuum infusion construction can be towed by the family sedan!

Smart Designs for Easy and Relaxing Fun on the Water

Astus boats are designed by the legendary French VPLP design firm. This is the same firm that has designed every Lagoon catamaran boat ever built, as well as a huge swath of other boats ranging from foiling passenger ferries to military applications. This means that VPLP has put a LOT of time and thought into the boats they design and they also won't just slap their name on any old design, since their reputation is on the line!

Astus boats have many "makes sense" features such as an external anchor locker built into that part of the cabon that is typically either eaten up by large folding beams on other trimarans or otherwise unused space on other small sailboats. They have also taken special care to make the cockpit comfortable and safe, even for youngsters on board!


There aren't many production trimarans on the market, but the ones that are out there are either purpose built racing boats that struggle to do much more than race or are very expensive and complex fast cruisers.

This is where the Astus range comes in. With affordable pricing and designs that embrace the demand for a fast weekend cruising boat, Astus is the perfect boat for anyone that wants to coastal cruise, weekend race, or a mix of uses that the whole family can enjoy!

Find the Astus that fits you!

Length Overall14' 3"16' 2"19' 6"22' 7"
Beam Overall5' 3"(proa) / 7' 10" (Trimaran)12' 5" unfolded / 8' 2" folded14' 9" unfolded / 8' 2" folded15' 5" unfolded / 8' 3" folded
Max Capacity290 lbs500+ lbs1250 lbs1500+ lbs
Mainsail SA54 ft²107 ft² L / 125 ft² S161 ft² L / 183 ft² S226 ft²
Jib SAN/A54 ft² L / 59 ft² S 65 ft² L / 75 ft² S97 ft²
Gennaker SA43 ft²161 ft² L / 215 ft² S215 ft² L / 258 ft² S344 ft²
Category RatingDC - 3 people / D - 5 peopleC - 5 people / D - 7 peopleC - 5 people / D - 7 people
Empty WeightVaka - 55 lbs / Amas 15 lbs ea464 lbs1100 lbs1433 lbs
Draft (min/max)6" / 2'7" / 3' 7"10" / 48"1' 1" / 5' 7"
Mast Height16 ft (2 sections)23 ft26 ft29 ft 6 in
Outboard HPN/A3 HP6 HP9.9 HP
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