Happy Cat Neo Sailboat

$ 7,950.00

or finance as low as


Unbelievably small in the bag yet with so much sailing fun to offer:


The quick and nimble Neo is for solo and duo sailors. From your camper to the water in just 20 to 30 minutes!


The Neo sailboat is very light and makes it all the easier; this inflatable catamaran can be easily stowed away. It is spectacular – and light – to sail on one hull and easy to set back upright if it capsizes. Ideal for easy sailing, beginners, young people and up to two adults on protected waters: Perfect for all those who appreciate portability, but not at the expense of performance.


This boat is a perfect replacement to a high performance sailing dinghy. This will just be faster and easier to sail!

Technical Specs

  • LOA 13' 9"
  • BOA 6' 7"
  • Mast Height 16' 6"
  • Weight 130 lbs
  • Hull Material 1000 dtex
  • Crew Size 1-4
  • Carrying Capacity 772 lbs
  • Assembly Time ~30 minutes
  • SAIL AREA (JIB + MAIN) 97 ft²