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Test Sails & Demo Schedule

Takacat Demonstrations

Takacat isn't a boat that merits a very long demonstration, so we don't block out a whole day to do it. We would love to come and show you the boat either in your backyard pool or at a local park.


The boat takes about 10 minutes to completely put together, and about 10 minutes to put back in the bag, so be prepared to enjoy a 20 minute demo followed by an hour of sailing stories!


Please email to schedule a demo private demo of a Takacat.


*Note: Most of our demo locations require admission to the parks, we do not cover this cost, and it is paid out to DNR or other controlling agencies.

*Note: To guarantee a test sail please RSVP to any demo day you wish to attend. We will make sure to wait for you, even if it's after our posted hours for the demo.