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Happy Cat60 Years of Innovation by the original inflatable sailboat company.

Designed with performance in mind, the Happy Cat’s inverted bows pierce through waves with little resistance, and the rotating mast allows you to amp up the power, giving you a one-of-a-kind sailing experience.

  • Catamaran design is stable and fast
  • Vulcanized rubber hull material (think car tire rubber)
  • Centerboard for superior windward performance
  • High performance sailing (akin to Hobie, Nacra, RS, etc.)
  • Easy to assemble
  • Small packdown bags that fit in your car
  • Packs away into easy storage bags
  • Tilt up mast for easier mast stepping
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Happy Cat is the only inflatable sailboat on the market that comes with a traveler system, allowing you to trim the mainsail and sail closer to the wind. That means saying goodbye to twisting in the mainsail!

From the Car to Paradise in 40 Minutes.

It’s one thing for a boat of Happy Cat’s caliber to fit in two to three bags, it’s another to only need 30-40 minutes to setup and hit the water. Once you’re on the water, the right conditions can produce speeds of over 20 knots. A piece of paradise that only a sailor knows. Clear skies and a strong wind await.

Made from Environmentally Friendly Vulcanized Rubber

  • Boat skin inside coating is made of renewable, natural rubber
  • No PVC, toxic plasticizers, or poisonous chlorine
  • Manufactured to the highest EU standards in Germany
  • The boat skin is 100% recyclable
  • A boat lifespan of several decades
  • Easy to repair!

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Happy Cat Neo
Happy Cat Evolution
Happy Cat Hurricane
13' 9"
15' 3"
6' 4"
6' 7"
7' 3"
7' 7"
16' 6"
130 lbs
174 lbs
187 lbs
772 lbs
1102 lbs
1323 lbs
~30 minutes
~40 minutes
~40 minutes
2 bags | 12" x 12" x 71"
2 bags | 12" x 12" x 71"
1 bag | 32" x 16" x 12"
2 bags | 12" x 12" x 71"
1 bag | 32" x 18" x 12"

Grabner provides a 24-month total warranty on all Happy Cat boats and a 7-year warranty on the boat-skin. For full details on what is covered in the warranty, reference the Happy Cat Owner’s Manual here.

24 months total-warranty
7 years boat-skin-warranty

The Happy Cat Story: Innovation Since the 1960s

In 1986, Grabner purchased Semperit, which included taking over the production of the first dismountable catamaran, the Semperit Kat, a boat that was eventually renamed to the one we know and love today, the Happy Cat.

In production since the 1960s, Happy Cat's innovations are backed by decades of research and insights from recreational and professional sailors alike. The first catamarans were made of wood, but today's models include parts made of aluminum and rubber, providing a lightweight and optimized sailing experience.

The most recent upgrade of the Happy Cat Evolution and Hurricane to a high-tech carbon mast shows that the innovative DNA of the Grabner brand will continue to push what's possible in the inflatable catamaran space.

The Innovative Mainsail Traveler

Happy Cat is the only inflatable sailboat on the market that incorporates a traveler system on the mainsail. The traveler gives you the ability to sail close to the wind by allowing you to better trim the mainsail. Happy Cat gives you the power to maneuver light wind conditions and handle the power of heavy wind days.