Happy Cat

Versatile Sailing. Fun for the Family.

Happy Cat inflatable sailboats were created by Grabner, the industry-leading company that invented the inflatable sailboat. Happy Cat is designed with every sailor in mind. They provide unparalleled innovation so people of all experience levels can fully enjoy a day on the water.

Happy Cat’s hull is long-lasting and hard-wearing with inverted bows designed to pierce through waves. It boasts the stiffest sailboat frame on the market and an effortless assembly process will get you on the water in under 30 minutes. Plus, a rotating mast allows you to amp up the power.

Rather than using round framing common in many inflatables, Grabner developed an all aluminum extrusion that allows the trampoline to be flush mounted, eliminating the need for laces. You can put your trust in its reliable yet lightweight construction.

A Friend to The Environment

You won’t find any PVC or hypalon material on this boat. instead, the Happy Cat body features a combination of natural and high-density synthetic rubber. In addition to being incredibly durable and more UV stable, these green materials are highly recyclable and friendly to the environment. There also aren’t any harsh chemicals used during production that would be harmful to nature or wildlife.

Happy Cat Traveler

Happy Cat is the only inflatable sailboat on the market that comes with a traveler system, allowing you to trim the mainsail and sail closer to the wind. That means saying goodbye to twisting in the mainsail!

Happy Cat Neo

Unbelievably small in the pack-bag yet with so much sailing pleasure to offer: The handy sailing boat for solo sailors is a fast and agile fun...

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Happy Cat Evolution

The Happy Cat Evolution sailboat flies at top speeds on just one hull over inland lakes or coastal waters and offers good positioning and stability even in...

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Happy Cat Hurricane

It is the fastest, best and most versatile of the Grabner inflatable sports catamarans – and also the largest one! With even larger hulls for more...

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