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From the makers of XCAT, the ROWonAIR system can be used on your own SUP/boat or on one of our high quality skiffs, kayaks or SUP. The Universal Rowing Skid which can be adapted to fit on any SUP or flat board. This will allow people that want to row but already have a SUP they like to convert their SUP to a rowing shell. The skid attaches via straps that make fitting it perfectly to any SUP to be simple and effortless.

For the ultimate in customization, the ROWonAIR system is also available in two independent rowingstyle configurations — RowVista and RowMotion. RowVista is the world’s best forward motion rowing systemwith patented blade feathering. Wile RowMotion is Row&Sail’s take on classic reverse rowing — thinkHarvard Yard crew racing with this one.

RowVista on a stand up paddleboard

RowVista forward rowing system offer the same performance as traditional rowing configurations. An adjustable-stop limits movement to the rear so that you can row without using foot straps. The oarlocks snap onto the side beams without the need for tools. The sliding seat runs smoothly and quietly along the canter beam on six ball bearings. The foot stretcher unit can be inserted onto the canter beam and can be locked in five positions for optimum weight distribution.

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RowMotion on an inflatable kayak

Rowing in reverse in the way it has been done for hundreds of years. The height of the oarlockscan be adjusted using different sized spacer bushes. Our sculls are crafted from carbon fiber tubes, anodized aluminum and Marintol grips for the ultimate blend of technology, performance,and durability.

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Supported ROWonAir boats

Our SUP17 stand-up-paddleboard, SLIDER485inflatable-air-kayak, and AIRSKIFF17 surf-ski cometogether with a rugged back bag. This means you’ll have nothing but pure mobility. Airlines classify the rowing bag similar to skiing gear and the back bagfor the boat is simply extra luggage.

Our air-kayaks completely match their hardshellcompetitors in both speed and maneuverability. But the greatest advantage is that you can simply deflate them and stuff them in the trunk of your car and that they are made of an innovative durable material — you no longer need to heave a heavy object onto the roof of your car.
ROWvista paddle

The RowVIsta system is a real testament to RowonAir’s dedication to revolutionizing the watercraft industry. RowVista is true technical masterpiece, and the world's best forward rowing system with blade feathering. In the past 100 years, more than 250 patents have been registered for forward rowing systems. — None are practical due to theirinadequate feathering systems. However, RowVista holds both national and international patents, and pending patents.

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ROWonAIR Universal Rowing System

ROWonAIR, a universal mounting rowing skid, offers the ability to row both traditionally, with RowMotion, and in the direction you're facing, with our innovative RowVista system:...

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SUP14 Stand-Up Paddle Board

The SUP14 is the ultimate entry level board. This board is very stable both while rowing and while standing (it is a stand up board, after all). This...

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The AIRSKIFF17 is the performance-orientated racing machine in our ROWonAIR line. It cuts through the water extremely efficiently thanks to its waterline length of 17 feet and its V-bow and pinched stern. Rowing on...

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