The most advanced multi-sport catamaran.

The XCat was designed and developed with performance in mind. Every standard component of a multi-sport catamaran was carefully examined. Components that did not exist were designed from the ground up by XCat’s dedicated team of engineers.

The end result was a boat that is easily transportable and displays versatility that cannot be found in any other boat. From sailing to rowing, to using an outboard motor to reach your favorite destinations, the XCat is the perfect boat for any sailing enthusiast.

XCat setup in progress
XCat Sail Magazine Best Boat

No tools required. Roof rack compatible. The XCat Basic consists of just five parts that you can easily transport and store on any car. Every component of the XCat, including accessories and add-ons, were designed so you could assemble and dismantle the boat using only your hands. The XCat Basic can be assembled in 3 minutes.

Jochum Bierma

Jochum Bierma — founder / developer of XCat
You have to be driven by enthusiasm to develop things that inspire others. The design task: develop a boat that does not exist yet. Safety was also a big issue. Unsinkable would be ideal. Stable in the water - not susceptible to tipping. These considerations finally led to a list of design specifications that defined how my ideal boat would look.

“My greatest wish, and at the same time my greatest motivation is the satisfaction of each individual customer. Everyone who buys an XCat should have as much fun as I have had discovering something new every day.”

Innovation is only possible if you question things. XCat believes that quality begins with the selection of the best materials, with details that others do not even notice, and in particular with testing the actual product to such an extent that they are one hundred percent sure that even the most critical customer will be satisfied with the final product.

Lightweight and versatile, XCat is the ultimate all-around boat

As the Exclusive United States Dealer of XCat, we offer their complete line of boats, accessories and outboard gear. From sailing, to rowing, fishing, or swimming, we have the XCat package that fits your needs. The XCat is the most bang-for-your-buck sailboat in existence. No other boat offers this many functions all while doing everything very well. Most boats that offer the same or similar functions to the XCat are jack-of-all-trades, but masters-of-none — XCat is a master of all!

What is RowVista?

XCat RowVista

Row Forward

With traditional rowing, you are pulling the boat backwards, and you’re line of sight is in the opposite direction in which you are traveling. With RowVista, your are pulling the boat forwards, and your line of sight is forward, the direction you are headed, much like driving a car or operating a powerboat!


There are 250 worldwide patents for forward rowing, but RowVista is the only one to offer user-operated blade feathering. All 249 other patents either keep the paddle fixed in position causing resistance or attempt to automatically feather the blades, often resulting in extremely inefficient performance.


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