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The DUDE 18 is an inflatable rowing I-board designed for performance. I-boards were developed and manufactured specifically for the ROWonAIR rowing systems. ROWonAIR I-boards are not flat bottom boards but have a slight V-shaped bottom that aids with tracking and hydrodynamics through the water.

Featuring a wider rowing board for added stability for less experienced rowers, the ROWonAIR DUDE 18’ is an inflatable rowing board that will provide an authentic rowing experience with a bit more stability than the MOJO 18. The DUDE 18 can easily be stowed away and comes with a backpack, repair kit, fin, pump, and strap.

You can purchase a second Universal Rowing Skid and mount two and row with a friend in tandem. Tandem rowing boats are heavy and expensive. Here is one that fits in your car!


Technical Specs

  • Technical Specs
  • Length 18'
  • Width 30"
  • Thickness 6"
  • Weight 28.2lbs
  • Carrying Capacity 529lbs
  • Passengers 1-2
  • Inflate Time 10 minutes

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