ROWonAIR Rowing Skid

ROWonAIR, a universal mounting rowing skid, offers the ability to row both traditionally, with RowMotion, and in the direction you're facing, with our innovative RowVista system:

RowMotion - Our traditional rowing system. We sell this with our 2 piece collapsible carbon fiber oars, 1 piece carbon fiber oars, or with no oars (you can use your old Concept2 oars from college).

RowVista Forward Facing Rowing System - Our innovative, patented, forward facing rowing system. RowVista is a maintenance free rowing system that lets you see where you are going! Using stainless steel bearings and carbon fiber oar blades/tubes the quality and craftsmanship is unparalleled. RowVista is the only forward facing rowing system in the world that allows you to feather the blades!!!

The ROWonAIR rowing skid has two rigger configurations:

F-Rigger - This rigger is for mounting on flat boards, it is lower profile and very sleek looking.

Y-Rigger - This rigger is for mounting in boats with gunwales. Great for mounting to canoes, shells and even dinghies!

Click here for a diagram to help with fitment in a boat with gunwales.

The rigger style does not change the oarlock height.


$ 1,500.00