Lee Shroud Tensioner
Lee Shroud Tensioner on Happy Cat Sailboat
Happy Cat

Lee Shroud Tensioner


Tightens slack lee shrouds during sailing.

For the following Grabner inflatable catamarans: Happy Cat NeoEvolution, and Hurricane


Two rubber cords connect each short and each long windward and luv shrouds and tense them towards the mast. At the position of the second batten on all 4 shrouds, a stop clip needs to be mounted to prevents the rubber cords from slipping upwards. The stop clips can remain permanently on the shrouds.

Set consists of:
2 stop clips for up to 3mm shrouds
2 stop clips for up to 4mm shrouds
2 rubber cords incl. 4 pcs. pre-assembled hooks

Attention: For attaching the stop clips at the shrouds a 4mm – and a 5mm hex key is necessary. (not included in the set)

A closer look for the engineer: The use of the ‘Lee-shroud tensioning set’ is optical, the tension of the lee shrouds has no influence on the sailing characteristics. Not to be confused with standard ‘rigging screws’ which shorten the shrouds – this can change the sail pressure point which can make the boat weather helm and influence the mast bend. Therefore Grabner recommends not to use ‘rigging screws’. The length of the short and long shrouds is precisely adjusted in the Grabner shipyard to reach a specific mast bend for the desired mainsail shape. Changing the length of the shrouds can cause a negative influence on the mast bend and mainsail shape. For the optimal rig stability always make sure to tighten the jib halyard with the correct strength – see ‘HAPPY CAT sail tips’.