Happy Cat Spring Sail Sale!

Sale is running from 3/18/24 - 3/31/24

The Happy Cat factory has authorized a DEEP discount on Happy Cat sailboats!

At the end of the sale the factory will put all of the ordered boats into a sea container and ship it to us in Baltimore. From there we can either ship your boat to you for free, or you can pick it up in person (and receive a free assembly demonstration)!

We expect your deeply discounted Happy Cat to be in your hands by the end of May, just as the water gets warm enough to enjoy the wind and the waves!

Give us a call (410-705-5026) or email us (inquiry@redbeardsailing.com) so we can help you select your accessories and get your boat on order!

Save 20% on HC Neo, Evo and Hurricane (aluminum mast)

Save 15% on Hurricane CarbonHC accessories are also discounted 15% (not including motors)

Sale Ends March 31st!

How To Order Your Discounted Happy Cat:

1. Contact Us - If you need help deciding on which boat is right for you, reach out to us via email or phone 410-705-5026 / inquiry@redbeardsailing.com and we can help get you on the right path!

We will send you a draft invoice via email or we can take your order over the phone. We are happy to help you pick which boat and accessories best suit your needs. If you know what you want, you can add your items to your cart and use the appropriate discount code(s) at checkout!

2. Get Excited - This winter you can watch all of the sailing / boating videos you can stomach and get ready for the 2024 boating season! 

3. Receive Your Boat -
In late May / early June  you will receive a phone call or email from the Red Beard Sailing team to confirm your shipping address. Your boat will be dispatched from the Baltimore warehouse when it arrives to the USA.

4. Enjoy - Spend the whole season enjoying the heck out of your new boat! It will be all the sweeter of an experience knowing how much $$$ you saved! 


Speedy Short-Handed Cat

The quick and nimble Neo is for all types of sailors. From your car to the water in just 20 to 30 minutes! The Neo sailboat is very light and makes it all the easier; this inflatable catamaran can be easily stowed away. It is spectacular – and super light. This boat is easy to sail fast and ideal for sailors who crave speed and performance but don't want to wrestle with an over-canvassed race boat.


Daysailer with Bite!

The Happy Cat Evolution is a versatile and high-performance beach cat that can easily be transported in your car, on a roof rack, or in the bed of a truck. This boat will take about 45 minutes to assemble.

It is perfect for beginners to learn how to sail on, yet it is fully equipped for high speeds and competitive racing. With the ability to rival any non-foiling beach cat or trimaran on the market, you can enjoy a leisurely day sail with your family or join your local club for some exhilarating competition. Whichever way you choose to experience it, the Evolution is guaranteed to leave you with a grin that won't fade!

Retail: $10,500

20% off

Sale Price: $8,400

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Retail: $13,000

20% off

Sale Price: $10,400

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High-Octane Sailing That Fits in Your Car

The Happy Cat Hurricane is an award winning beach cat that excels in outpacing its competitors. The Hurricane takes 45-60 minutes to fully rig and assemble.

With unmatched agility and stability, this boat handles like a dream while delivering an exhilarating sailing experience. Whether cruising with the family or racing with a crew of two, the Hurricane transforms into a high-speed rocket ship, ready to conquer the wind.

Retail: $14,500

20% off

Sale Price: $11,600

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Hurricane Hero.jpeg__PID:fe38e5d5-4a03-4b10-9bec-5d341257a74b

Hurricane Carbon

Speedy Short-Handed Cat

Materially the same as the Hurricane but with an incredibly beefy and lightweight carbon fiber mast. This mast weighs less than 10 pounds and can really unlock the last bit of performance from the Hurricane platform.

Enjoy being the fastest sailboat on the water every time you're out on your Hurricane Carbon!

Retail: $18,000

20% off

Sale Price: $15,300

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