Speed Rating 9.5
Stability Rating 9.5
Max Crew Capacity 3 Adults
Weight Capacity 551 lbs
Assembly Time ~12 mins


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Stable in heavy winds, fast in light winds. Full speed ahead.

The XCAT combines versatility, portability and performance in a way that no other boat on the market can. Harness the winds with the XCAT Sail or row for fun and fitness with our innovative forward-facing RowVista or rear-facing RowMotion rowing systems. The XCAT opens up a whole new world of adventures.

A winner of SAIL Magazine’s 2017 award for Best Daysailer, the XCAT is engineered to endure any challenge including some of the world’s top boat races. During the 2018 Everglades Challenge Red Beard’s very own Alex captained an XCAT Sail with RowVista.

From performance to safety gear, we carry the widest range of XCAT accessories to get you from your car to your next adventure.

Boat Capabilities


Max Crew Capacity
3 People
Max Carry Capacity
551 lbs
Capsize Resistance
Beaufort Rating

XCAT Sail Innovations

The XCAT Sailing model has everything you need to start harnessing the wind. Both sails and all the rigging are included. We strongly recommend the Sailing Equipment Set to take your XCAT sailing experience to the next level.

XCAT Sail Assembled Image 1 2 3 4 5 6
XCAT RowMotion Image 1 2 3 4 5 6

Fully battened square-top mainsail creates a lot of power. This sail is looped onto the mast for easier mounting and so it can be stowed still attached to the mast while rowing.


Large laminated window in the genoa allows for safe navigation regardless of what tack you are on.


Forestay is cleated at the mast step. This allows you to drop the mast while on the water for easy passage under low bridges and powerlines.


Trampoline is made of a Textiline mesh that automatically tensions when the trampoline is installed. This prevents the need for tedious and time consuming lacing.


Color coded and marked trampoline speeds up assembly by removing the guesswork. Shroud blocks and shrouds are marked with their respective red and green coloring. The positioning for the genoa and mainsheet blocks are marked on the center beam.


Full length hull keels afford leeway resistance to the XCAT without the unnecessary draft of daggerboards or a centerboard. The boat will float in 6 inches of water!


Wide catamaran design lets you row in rougher conditions.


Low to the water design keeps you in touch with the water.


Row with RowVista or traditionally with RowMotion.


Anodized aluminum frame is corrosion resistant and will keep your boat looking new for years to come.


HDPE hulls are ultra durable and can handle hard groundings or collisions with underwater obstructions.


Fully adjustable positioning for oarlocks, roller seat and foot stretchers.

Not the right sailboat for you? Let’s find your perfect boat.

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XCAT Sail Features & Benefits

The world’s first hard-hulled catamaran that can be transported on the roof of your car and assembled in 12 minutes—all without sacrificing quality or performance.

Lightweight Construction Image

Lightweight Construction

The XCAT hulls are made of an HDPE skin wrapped around EPP foam forms to create unsinkable but ultra-light hulls. Combined with the anodized aluminum frame and carbon mast, the XCAT weighs in at 165 pounds when rigged as a sailboat. The heaviest part of the boat are the hulls—at only 38 pounds each—which is lighter than most kayaks!

XCAT Sail Continuous Line Furler Image

Continuous Line Furler

An in-house designed endless loop genoa furler allows for easy reefing of the sail area when on the water. An endless loop furler allows you to easily furl and unfurl the sail regardless of wind direction and speed.

Safety First Image

Safety as a Priority

The XCAT was designed to be an expedition boat, which required a focus on durability and endurance. This translates to a day sailing beach cat that makes light work of foul weather. The XCAT rig has been tested to withstand conditions as high as a Beaufort 8. The mast float and mast with floatation inside makes sure this boat is quick and easy to right in the event of a capsize.

Built-In Heave-To Feature Image

Built-In Heave-To Feature

Most sailboats can heave-to without too much trouble, but many boats struggle to remain hove-to as the wind builds. On the XCAT, if you furl the genoa, hard sheet in the mainsail, let the rudder free and sit forward of the mast: the boat will sit within 5º of true wind direction and will average a half knot in reverse, regardless of wind speed. This is a fantastic feature for novice sailors or anyone who gets caught by a squall in open water.

Motor Mount Image

Motor Mount Included

All XCAT boats include a motor mount attached to the rear crossbar. This mount can handle up to a 3 hp outboard. Red Beard recommends either the EP Carry or Torqeedo 1103CL. If you don’t want/need the mount, you can unbolt the wooden motor mount from the crossbar for a clean aesthetic with reduced windage.

Fast & Easy Assembly ImagePlay Button

Fast & Easy Assembly

The XCAT assembles with no tools or hardware. There are audible *clicks* when things get attached or are tight. This lets you know that it is locked and ready. Once you are familiar with the process, assembly can be done in about 10-15 minutes. The Red Beard Record is seven minutes and thirty seconds.

Genoa Sheet System With Barber Hauler Image

Genoa with Barber Hauler

Oversized 110% genoa allows for the XCAT to be rigged with a much shorter mast without sacrificing performance. This reduces heel in heavy winds and allows you to sail under bridges for which other other sailboats would have to de-mast. The centralized genoa cleats allow you to trim regardless of which side of the boat you are on. The barber hauler, typically seen on racing boats, allows you to haul the genoa closer to the mast, allowing you to point higher on the wind.

Rudder With Grounding Protection Image

Kick-up Rudder

The anodized aluminum rudder is resilient and perfectly formed. There is a built in lifting and kick up feature. You can easily lift the rudder to clear any seaweed or for shallow waters.

Dyneema Shrouds Image

Dyneema Shrouds

Dyneema shrouds are lightweight, easy to store and still allow for an incredibly tight rig that is ready to withstand heavy winds. The shrouds feature a double shackle system where it attaches to the boat. This makes the XCAT easier to right from a capsize by lightweight sailors.

XCAT Sail Technical Specs

Boat Specifications
Overall Length16' 5"
Overall Width6' 1"
Height16' 9"
Total Weight165 lbs
Sail Area (Jib + Main)8.4 m2
Mast Length14' 9"
Crew Size1-3 People
Carrying Weight529 lbs
Hull MaterialHDPE
Keel TypeFull-Length Keels
Packing & Assembly Specifications
Bag for Trampoline/Mast8' x 6" x 6"
Bag for Crossbeams 6'6" x 15" x 10"
Assembly Time~12 mins
Trailer NeededNo
Tools Required for Assembly No



The XCAT combines versatility, portability and performance in a way that no other boat on the market can. The XCAT Sail is perfect for achieving your fitness goals, or use it on your next river or lake rowing adventure. You can maximize the XCAT’s versatility by powering it with an optional outboard motor, or add a sailing kit to XCAT RowVista for the ability to row and sail at the same time.

RowVista® Forward Rowing System Add-On


The innovative RowVista forward facing oar system debuted on the XCAT in 2016. It was a major contributor to the XCAT being featured in multiple magazines and even the Wall Street Journal. You can easily transition from sailing to rowing in less than 60 seconds by simply dropping the main and flopping it on the bow, then mounting the oars. This oar system can be mounted independently from the sail kit and used for exercise.


  • When combined with a sail, the revolutionary forward-rowing system allows you to row and sail the XCAT at the same time.
  • Oarlocks snap onto the side beams without the need for tools. Swinging oarlocks allow the oars to be swung parallel to the boat for easy docking.
  • A technical masterpiece—oar blades can be feathered with a twist of the wrist, just like regular oars. Hard limits make sure you are never over-squared or over-feathered.
  • No energy is wasted thanks to the highly efficient linkage.
  • Row relaxed - The wind generated by moving now blows in your face, not the back of your head.
  • During sailing, the oars are folded together and can be stowed behind the optional Hiking Seats.

Kit Includes:
XCAT RowVista Rowlocks, Foot Stretcher, Sliding Seat, Stopper, Bag. RowVista Forward Rowing Carbon Oars (81”) with Linkage Mechanism & Blade Feathering Integrated, and RowVista Sculls Storage Bag.

RowVista® Forward Rowing System Add-On Image

RowMotion Classic Rowing System Add-On

from $900

The classical method of rowing, straight sticks with a flappy bit on one end. Pull the sticks and off you go, it’s as simple as that. The RowMotion is the classical rowing setup for the XCAT Catamaran. These oars will get you moving when the wind dies down. it definitely beats the heck out of paddling with a little rescue paddle. Equipped with Concept2 oarlocks, you can use your old oars from college, or add our 2 piece carbon oars in the list below to get you upstream with two paddles.


  • Carbon fiber sculls with an adjustable cuff make blade feathering easy.
  • Concept2 oarlocks are familiar to any rower and are the perfect fit for any aftermarket oar.
  • During sailing, the oars can be stowed behind the optional Hiking Seats.

$900 RowMotion Kit without Oars Includes:
XCAT Concept2 Rowlocks and Mounts, Foot Stretcher, Sliding Seat, Stopper and Rowing Gear Bag.

$1650 RowMotion Kit with Oars Includes:
XCAT RowMotion® rowlocks, foot stretcher, sliding seat, stopper, bag.1p partable, lightweight carbon rowing sculls (69” when separated / assembled length: 115”) skin compatible synthetic handle, sleeve with adjustable clamping ring, Big Blade oars (3.3 lbs), and Storage Bag (dimensions - 6” x 9” x 69”)


RowMotion® Reverse Rowing System Add-On Image

Sailing Equipment Set


The X-Cat Sail is a great boat, but with the addition of these select accessories, you can really round out the whole experience. The Hiking Seats provide more ergonomic seating plus added storage for oars and paddles. The Bow Mesh provides a lot of storage capacity for gear and an anchor without cluttering up the main tramp. The Tiller-Fix can hold the tiller steady while sailing or off center for solo paddling from one side. The X-Cat is stable enough to do without, but it is highly recommended to have hiking straps equipped.


  • Increase storage without cluttering the main trampoline.
  • Adjustable Hiking Seats provide curb-height seating in high winds or tilted as a backrest in light winds.
  • All of the most popular accessories for the X-Cat bundled at a $150+ discount.

Accessory Kit Includes:
One Bow Mesh ($525 Value), One Pair of Hiking Seats Plus Storage Bag ($515 Value), One Pair of Hiking Straps ($99 Value), One Tiller-Fix ($65 Value).

XCAT Sailing Equipment Image



X-Cat Accessory

Roof Rack Accessory Kit

This bundle of accessories is the perfect kit if you plan to transport your X-Cat on the roof of your car. Roof rack not included—but it does include the necessary straps, pads and pegs to secure your X-Cat.

XCAT Accessory

Mast Float

This mast float will be your best friend on that fateful day when you do capsize. This float prevents the boat from turtling and makes righting the boat very quick and easy, even for lightweight sailors that struggle to right other, heavier, boats.

XCAT Accessory

Launching Cradles

The Launching Cradles are the easiest to use as a solo sailor and are perfect for launching and retrieving from concrete boat ramps and moving the boat over hard ground like dirt. It struggles a bit in super soft sand. Tip: Strap these cradles to the boat hulls with straps included in the Roof Rack Accessory Kit.

XCAT Accessory

Launching Cart

The Launching Cart comes with 16” wheels which is perfect for moving your X-Cat over longer distances, rougher surfaces, remote terrain and adverse weather conditions.

XCAT Accessory

Launching Cart with Balloon Tires

This upgraded Launching Cart comes with purpose built balloon tires which makes moving your X-Cat on soft sand much easier.

XCAT Accessory

Small Bag

Standard with the X-Cat Row RowMotion or RowVista options, but also can be ordered separately. This is a great bag to carry and store your running rigging in, to keep it from getting tangled in transport.

XCAT Accessory

Dry Bag - HIKO

This waterproof bag easily mounts on rowing boards or the X-Cat bow net. Includes additional shoulder belts for use as a backpack. Size is 18" x 12" x 6". Also see our XCAT Dry Bag.

XCAT Accessory

Stainless Steel Anchor

This is a beautiful stainless steel folding anchor that will give you some peace of mind when it comes to docking your X-Cat. Includes a length of line appropriate for anchoring in waist deep water.

XCAT Accessory

Center Beam Seat

This seat is a great way to add a padded seat to the center of your X-Cat. A good comfortable way to seat a passenger while rowing and keeping their weight center-ship. This seat cannot be mounted at the same time as the mast.

XCAT Accessory


These fenders are cleverly upcycled, spending their former life as seats. These fenders will help protect your X-Cat from damage when rubbing against anything such as another boat or a pier. Can also be used as a cushion at sporting events and on other boats. This is just for one fender, so if you think you need more, be sure to add more in your cart.

XCAT Accessory

SUP Paddle

The SUP paddle is fairly self-explanatory and stores perfectly behind the optional hiking seats. Red Beard recommends this plus the Tiller-Fix if you opt for no outboard or rowing system. This paddle is collapsible to a small paddle or a full length SUP paddle.

XCAT Accessory


The tiller-fix is a super simple contraption that essentially holds your rudder off to one side. This can be used to hold your course while sailing or to countersteer a solo SUP paddler. Red Beard suggests buying the Sailing Equipment Set, which includes the tiller-fix, among other popular accessories, instead of this accessory.

XCAT Accessory

Bow Mesh / Front Trampoline (Sailing)

This front trampoline is fantastic for keeping the main trampoline clean and clear for rowing. It can’t carry a person, but it can carry about 70 lbs of gear and supplies. Red Beard suggests buying the Sailing Equipment Set, which includes the bow mesh, among other popular accessories, instead of this accessory.

XCAT Hiking Seats Accessory

Hiking Seats

These hiking seats are a godsend. They can make the boat much more comfortable for longer distances, and it raises you up keeping you much drier in choppy conditions. In light winds you can tilt the seat to become a backrest. There is a holster on the back for easy and convenient storage of a paddle or oar. Red Beard suggests buying the Sailing Equipment Set, which includes the hiking seats, among other popular accessories, instead of this accessory.

XCAT Hiking Straps Accessory

Hiking Straps

These straps install on each trampoline via hook and loop. If you plan to sail in high winds and want to hook your feet, you should definitely get this accessory. Red Beard suggests buying the Sailing Equipment Set, which includes the hiking straps, among other popular accessories, instead of this accessory.



Sometimes You Just Need
A Little Push.

The XCAT Sail is very easily powered and is efficiently pushed by small outboards.

EP Carry
Electric Outboard Motor


The XCAT is a lightweight expertly engineered watercraft, and what better way to power it than a lightweight and expertly engineered electric outboard! The EP Carry has proven itself to be reliable and can move the XCAT with ease. Designed and assembled in the USA by experienced sailors this 21 pound motor and battery combination is perfectly suited for pushing the XCAT. This motor will tilt all the way out of the water without dragging in the water, causing the boat to sail slower when the motor isn’t needed.


  • Only 21 lbs including battery
  • The easiest motor to lift, mount and operate on a transport due to its compact size
  • Efficient battery charges quickly and gives you plenty of range to safely get back home or to explore those windless areas on your adventures.
  • Optional solar panel allows you to motor (or motor sail) without ever even touching the battery!

Kit Includes:
One Long Shaft Motor, Soft Motor Carry Bag with Shoulder Strap, 5-hour Smart Charger, Lock and Key for Security, Buoyant Lithium Battery in a Drybag, And 2-year Warranty.

Canadian Combi Paddle Kit Image

Additional Compatible Outboards

Sometimes the motor we recommend isn’t the best for everyone’s particular needs or situation. Please check out these other motors for alternatives to our above recommendation.

Outboard Product

Torqeedo 1103CL

This 3HP equivalent outboard is more powerful than the EP Carry, but it comes at a higher price point.


Resources & Support

What’s Included
Warranty & Registration
Assembly Information

The XCAT Sail has everything you need to start harnessing the wind. Your XCAT sail includes:*

XCAT Base, carbon mast, bowsprit, rudder, genoa, mainsail, sail bag, running rIgging, Dyneema standing rigging, wind vane, and righting line.


What's Included Image


The XCAT provides a 2-year warranty on fabrication defects. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of parts and components. For more information on the warranty, reach out to the Red Beard Sailing team. We’re happy to answer any questions you have!

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