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X-Cat Multi-Sport Catamaran

The Most-Advanced Multi-Sport Catamaran

The X-Cat was designed and developed with performance in mind. Every standard component of a multi-sport catamaran was carefully examined. Components that did not exist were designed from the ground up by X-Cat’s dedicated team of engineers. The end result was a boat that is easily transportable and displays versatility that cannot be found in any other boat. From sailing to rowing, to using an outboard motor to reach your favorite destinations, the X-Cat is the perfect boat for any sailing enthusiast.

Engineered to be Lightweight

When X-Cat began designing their mini-catamaran one of their main goals was to build a boat light enough to be transported by an individual, without compromising for quality, durability, and performance. To achieve their lightweight vision, X-Cat examined each component of the boat, making each the lightest and strongest as modern technology would allow.

X-Cat: An Award Winning Boat

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Alex on a Boat

The Red Beard Story

To tell you about us, I need to start with when I was first introduced to sailing. My grandfather owned a Bristol 29 sailboat named “Bohemian”. That was the boat I grew up on. I spent many summer weeks out on that boat and my love of sailing started there.

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No Tools Required for Assembly

Every component of the X-Cat, including accessories and add-ons, were designed so you could assemble and dismantle the boat using only your hands.



Though it’s not rocket science, sailing, to some degree, isn’t far off. The X-Cat was engineered to make advanced sailing terminology and techniques easier to learn for beginners and novices. These boats are intuitive, so unlike other boats, you will not need advanced instruction to operate the X-Cat safely and efficiently, regardless of your sailing experience.


X-Cat was designed to be sailed by everyone, and therefore was also designed to be safe for everyone as well. Their designers went above and beyond to design a boat that is virtually unsinkable.

Saftey X-Cat