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No Slip Required: Transportable By Car

One of the more frustrating aspects of owning a boat is paying for a slip and lugging around a trailer. With the MiniCat you need neither of those! This boat breaks down into carrying bags that can fit in most cars, making this one of the most transportable boats on the market.

MiniCat Luggage

Check-in As Luggage

No need to hold back your sense of adventure! Grab the next flight to your favorite tropical locale and check your MiniCat on as luggage. You could hop off the plane and head straight to the water if you’d like!

Adventure Awaits

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Alex on a Boat

The Red Beard Story

To tell you about us, I need to start with when I was first introduced to sailing. My grandfather owned a Bristol 29 sailboat named “Bohemian”. That was the boat I grew up on. I spent many summer weeks out on that boat and my love of sailing started there.

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Enjoyed by the World’s Top Sailors

There are few votes of confidence higher than impressing a sailor whom was the younger person to circumnavigated the globe. Laura Dekker was so impressed, she teamed up with MiniCat to make her own custom 420 model.

For Your Next Escape

There’s nothing quite like having the wind at your back when you’re out on the open water. The MiniCat is the boat for those times when you need an escape from the crowd to enjoy nature the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

Fits In A Camper

Instead of dragging a boat on a trailer behind your camping, or not having the option to sail at all, take a MiniCat on your next cross-country trip! Since it can be stored easily on most campers, owning this boat will add another fun activity to your next trip.

MiniCat Fits In A Camper