Happy Cat Sailboat Foredeck Bag
Happy Cat

Happy Cat Foredeck Bag


For the sake of good order on board, protection of items against wet, and in the event of capsizing against loss.

For pump, boat ladder, anchor, personal items, etc.

For the following Grabner inflatable catamaran models: Happy Cat Neo, Evolution, and Hurricane.


Made from 100% waterproof material, heat-welded, with watertight zip-fastener and appropriate tie-straps.

Color: Red
Usable Volume: 53 liter
Size: 79/60 x 46/32 x 19 cm
Weight: 0.8 kg

NOTICE: Bags with a watertight zip require to be kept smooth sliding, and to be maintained by occasional application of gel or silicon spray. A tube of gel is supplied with every bag.

ATTENTION: Items (like mobile-phone, camera and documents, etc.) that must not get wet under any circumstances, should additionally be packed in a plastic bag.