Speed Rating 8
Stability Rating 7
Max. Crew Capacity 2 Adults
Weight Capacity 485 lbs
Inflation Time ~10 mins


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Rowing Outdoors, Just Like Nature Intended.

Designed to work specifically with the ROWonAIR® Universal Rowing Units, the Dude 18 is an inflatable rowing I-board designed for performance rowing.

ROWonAIR I-boards are not flat bottom boards, they have a slight V-shaped bottom that aids with tracking and hydrodynamics to cut through the water. The Dude 18 is slightly wider (4”) than the Mojo 18, which makes the Dude 18 the perfect beginner board. Rest assured, the added stability is a welcome feature to all when rowing in choppy waters. You still get rowing shell handling and performance but with a little extra stability. The Dude 18 is easily stowed away and comes with a backpack, repair kit, fin, pump, and strap.

This is the most well-rounded board option that ROWonAIR offers. Stability of a wider board meets the length of a proper rowing scull.

Length: 18' | Width: 30"

Weight: 29 lbs | Bag Size: 33" x 23" x 11"

Carry Capacity: 529 lbs

The Dude 18 can be purchased as a standalone board, or preconfigured with ROWonAIR’s exclusive RowVista®, or RowMotion® (with or without oars) rowing units.

Board Capabilities

ROW on AIR Dude 18'

Max Rowers / Paddlers
2 People
Max Carry Capacity
529 lbs
Capsize Resistance
Lakes & Bays
Whitewater Rating

Dude 18 Innovations

The Dude 18 is the perfect multi-tool for flexible and performance-driven rowing. With portability of this magnitude nothing will stand in your way of serious fun or rowing training whenever and wherever you want.

ROWonAIR Dude Image 1 2 3 4 5 6

High-quality construction with Woven-Fusion Drop Stitch provides more strength and rigidity, and lower weight.


Elastic luggage netting for longer rowing tours — compatible with Hiko 20L Dry Bag accessory.


Pre-mounted D-rings for attaching the RowVista or RowMotion rowing units to the Dude 18.


Row alone or in company: take along a passenger or row with double sculls.


High-tech adhesives and materials provide long life with resistance against UV and high temperatures.


Halkey-Roberts valve is reliable and allows for quick inflation and deflation of the Dude 18.

Not the right rowing board for you? Let’s find your perfect row boat.

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Dude 18 Features & Innovations

The Dude is effectively the same board as the Mojo, but 4” wider. This means you get all of the same great performance features that the Mojo has to offer but with just a bit more safety and security. For this trade-off, the Dude is the most popular board people choose to row on. This beginner friendly board is the perfect row trainer for anyone getting into the sport.

Rowonair 4º V-Bottom & Rocker Line Image

4º V-Bottom & Rocker Line

The world’s only line of V-bottom boards specifically designed for rowing. The Dude 18 has a fast waterline and smooth gliding between strokes.

Rowonair Dude Backpack Image

Backpack Storage

High quality backpack with luggage wheels has enough room to store the pump and even a life jacket.

Rowonair Dude Air Pump Image

Rapid-style Air Pump

The included high quality hand pump can pump up the Dude in less than 9 minutes. Built in gauge adds assurance that the proper pressure has been reached.

Rowonair Dude Image

Rugged Construction

High tech materials, precision engineering, and quality manufacturing practices come together to provide products with the longest lifetime withstanding high temperatures and extended UV exposure.

Rowonair Easy-Mount Fin Image

Easy-Mount Fin

Simple attachment fin requires no tools to install and keeps the Dude 18 tracking straight.

Rowonair Elastic Luggage Netting Image

Elastic Luggage Netting

This netting gives you an easy place to store some gear, your shoes, and/or a backup paddle.

Rowonair Bow Fins Image

Bow Fins

A pair of small fins close to the bow are a special touch to provide the Dude with even better tracking.

Rowonair Row with a Passenger or RowTandem Image

Row with a Passenger or RowTandem

Bring a passenger or dog along on your next rowing adventure. If you purchase a second ROWonAIR rowing unit, you can row on the Dude 18 in tandem. You can even mix RowVista and RowMotion!

Rowonair Woven-Fusion Drop Stitch Materials Image

Woven-Fusion Drop Stitch Materials

This special construction method was pioneered by the ROWonAIR team. They needed a material that could withstand high pressures, provide more rigidity than normal drop stitch, and weigh as little as possible.

Dude 18 Rowing Board Technical Specs

Boat Specifications
Overall Length18'
Overall Width30"
Boat Weight without Rowing Unit28.2 lbs
Crew Size1—2 Adults
Rowing StyleSingle / Tandem
Pressure16—18 psi
Inflation Time~10 mins
Bottom Shape4˚ V-Bottom
MaterialWoven-Fusion Drop Stitch
Packing & Assembly Specifications
Bag TypeBackpack
Bag Weight6.2 lbs
Packed-Down Bag Size 33" x 23" x 11"
Tools Required for AssemblyNo



Row on Air Carbon Seat Upgrade Product

Carbon Seat Upgrade

This carbon fiber seat replaces the standard foam seat for the hard seat feel experienced rowing derrieres are used to.

Row on Air Row Pad for Carbon Seat Product

Row Pad for Carbon Seat

This pad is specifically designed for the carbon fiber seat. This pad is a real butt-saver. A must-have for anyone that has to have the carbon, but isn’t ready to commit to a hard seat.

Row on Air Concept2 Foot Stretcher Upgrade Product

Concept2 Foot Stretcher Upgrade

This foot stretcher upgrade switches out the normal axle style stretcher for the Concept2 Flex Foot stretcher that is common on their new generation of ergs.

Row on Air Foot Raisers (4 Pc) Product

Foot Raisers (4 Pc)

These foot raisers are stackable as a spacer/shim for mounting the ROWonAIR rowing system into other boats. You can also use them to lift the skid a little which could be advantageous in very choppy waters.

Row on Air Universal Mounting Straps (Pair) Upgrade Product

Universal Mounting Straps (Pair)

If you plan to mount your new ROWonAIR rowing unit on anything that isn’t Mojo 18, Dude 18, Lite 15, or Air Kayak 16, you’ll probably need these straps to mount it to any other paddleboard.

Row on Air RowMotion Oarlock Spacer Kit Product

RowMotion Oarlock Spacer Kit

This spacer set allows you to set the oarlocks to different heights or to generally raise them to best suit your style of rowing and the sea state conditions. Raising the oarlocks might make rowing in larger waves easier.

Row on Air iSeat Product


This very comfortable, inflatable seat can be used for a passenger or mounted to convert your Mojo 18' into a sit-on-top kayak.

Row on Air Triple Action High Efficiency Hand Pump Product

Triple Action High Efficiency Hand Pump

An upgrade from the standard pump, it moves more air per pump and is easier to get the I-boards to higher pressures. This is one of the highest quality inflatable boat pumps on the market.

Row on Air Carbon SUP Paddle (3 Piece) Product

Carbon SUP Paddle (3 Piece)

This paddle is collapsible to a small rescue paddle or a full length SUP paddle.

Row on Air Dry Bag - Hiko Product

Dry Bag - Hiko

This waterproof bag easily mounts on rowing boards elastic mesh. Includes additional shoulder belts for use as a backpack. Size is 18" x 12" x 6".

Row on Air Collapsible Kayak Dolly Product

Collapsible Kayak Dolly

Lightweight dolly for transporting fully inflated ROWonAIR boards and rowing units on land. Can be collapsed and taken with you for portages along the way.

Takacat Volume Inflator Product Image

Takacat Volume Inflator

This fast and easy battery-operated inflation pump is easy to use, smaller than a soda can, and has a built-in battery that will run the pump for a total of 45 minutes. It will work with any boat that uses a Halkey-Roberts valve. The pump fills most of the air volume in the chambers, so you only need to top up the pressure with a hand or foot pump (usually included with your inflatable boat).


Resources & Support

What’s Included
Warranty & Registration
Brochures & Manuals
Assembly Information
Dude 18 Standalone Board®

ROWonAir Dude 18 Inflatable Rowing Board, Dude 18 Backpack, Rapid-style Air Pump, 5.4” Fin, Repair Kit, and Strap.

Dude 18 with RowVista Rowing Unit & Oars

In addition to everything included with the Dude 18 board, this unit also includes:
RowVista (F-Style) rowing unit, RowVista oars, storage and transport bags

Dude 18 with RowMotion Rowing Unit - No Oars

In addition to everything included with the Dude 18 board, this unit also includes:
RowMotion (F-Style) rowing unit, storage, and transport bags

Dude 18 with RowMotion Rowing Unit & Oars

In addition to everything included with the Dude 18 board, this unit also includes:
RowMotion (F-Style) rowing unit, RowMotion carbon 2-piece oars, storage, and transport bags

Rowonair Dude 18 Whats Included Image

ROWonAIR Warranty

ROWonAIR provides a 24-month warranty against any defects in material or workmanship.

Device Assembly

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