Why the MiniCat 310 is the Perfect Boat for Anyone

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Why the MiniCat 310 is the Perfect Boat for Anyone

There has been a lot of buzz about small inflatable sailboats, specifically the MiniCat 310. I wanted to take a moment to highlight what makes the MiniCat 310 such a great boat for any sailor.

The MiniCat 310 is a small, 10' 1” inflatable sailboat that really is a great solution for the solo sailor or for a couple of kids. A wonderful feature of the MiniCat 310 is its portability. Weighing only 77 lbs, it is a cinch to both move and can be stored virtually anywhere. For about $80 more you can get a second bag to split the load up, and have two very easy to manage bags to carry your sailboat around in. While we say this is great for a solo sailor, it can also carry up to 529 lbs (more than most sailors), so feel free to take a friend or a kid or two along with you!

MiniCat 310 Laura Dekker Cruising

The MiniCat 310 is the perfect boat for cruisers. The boat can be handled easily and can store in nearly any hanging locker. The boat can be easily assembled on a foredeck or swim platform. If you lose your dinghy in a storm or due to repairs, you can even use this boat as a dinghy with its optional outboard bracket (it mounts where the rudder usually mounts). Laura Dekker discovered the MiniCat 310 on her record-breaking circumnavigation of the globe and purchased one for herself to have aboard “Guppy,” her 40 foot Jeanneau. She loved the design so much she put her name on the line and paired up with MiniCat to develop her very own special edition, but that is for another article.

Design features:

The MiniCat 310 has inflatable hulls and can pack down into small bags for easy storage and transportation. The MiniCat 310 takes about 20 minutes to set up and is very portable. They can even be checked on an airplane.

MiniCat 310 Assembly

The MiniCat 310 uses 3.7 psi HeyTex 5509 hulls from Germany (the same material used for premium white water rafts) with a UV life expectancy exceeding 10 years! The MiniCat is very easy to inflate with the included electric pump and only takes a few minutes.

The MiniCat 310 is a catamaran. This means that all of the benefits of a catamaran apply to the 310. The super stability, the decreased weight required, the lack of need for a centerboard (due to the keels under each hull) all apply here. This boat does a great job in light winds, due to its lightweight design. In heavy winds, this boat turns into a thrill of a ride, the planing style that the inflatable design affords means this boat can get up on a plane and can hit those double-digit speeds without a lot effort or wind! The catamaran design does lend itself to being more stable on the water and more forgiving to mistakes out on the water. 

How It Sails:

The MiniCat 310 is a fantastic little sailboat. With the security blanket of the roller furling jib, this boat allows you to test the limits of your skills without limiting your safety. When the wind pipes up you can simply furl the jib and continue on with less sail area! This boat sails very well in light wind due to it being a very lightweight catamaran. Without getting too technical, a jib sail creates lower pressure on the outside of the mainsail, creating lift. You get more speed for your sail area with a jib than a single mainsail boat. This is why you don't see huge catboats (single mainsail monohulls) sailing in the America's Cup races. The keels on this boat, coupled with the kick-up rudder allow you to sail in as low as eighteen inches of water. I have also found that the MiniCat 310 is less prone to capsizing due to the catamaran design. This means that when the wind kicks up, you will spend more time sailing and less time swimming.

Pricing and Trim:

The MiniCat 310 is sold in three trim levels: the MiniCat 310 Standard, which only comes with the mainsail, the MiniCat 310 Super, which comes with a jib, but no furler, and the MiniCat 310 Sport, which adds on the furler. All MiniCat boats ship free to the lower 48 states! The MiniCat 310 also comes with a two-year warranty against defects in material or workmanship.

MiniCat 310 Alt Sail Colors

The MiniCat 310 is great for kids, families, solo sailors, and for cruisers and RV's because it is lightweight, easy to store, and is capable in all wind conditions. This boat is also a great learner boat for summer camps and new sailors.

MiniCats afford their owners the freedom to take their boat anywhere without a trailer, and the flexibility to store their boat anywhere, including under their bed!

  MiniCat 310
Length 10' 1"
Beam 4' 7"
Weight 77 lbs
Mast Height 12' 5"
Sail Area (Jib + Main) 55.4 ft²
Crew Size 1 - 2
Carrying Capacity 529 lbs
Hull Material HeyTex 5509
Custom Sails Yes
Optional Motor Bracket Yes
Setup / Rigging Time 25 Minutes
Keel Type LAR Fixed Keels
Base Starting Price $4400 USD
Recommended Model Price $4850 USD

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