MiniCat is Now in the USA!

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MiniCat is Now in the USA!

Well, now that I have your attention I am sure you are wondering "Hey Red Beard, what is MiniCat and what's the big deal?"  Well, I'll tell ya what the big deal is!  MiniCat is a brand new product in the USA.  They are a manufacturer of quality inflatable catamaran sailboats.  Red Beard Sailing is the first to offer this boat commercially in the United States, and we are going to spread the word as best as we can to show people there is another option for sailing out there.

MiniCat is a company based in the Czech Republic (a large part of my heritage) and they have spent the last 9 years perfecting the collapsible and portable sailing catamaran.  While there are other products out there, MiniCat provides the best value and quality on the market today.

Red Beard Sailing is MiniCat's premier East Coast dealer in the United States. We are very proud to partner with MiniCat and even more excited to see the sailing industry grow with the introduction of their boats. We have a demo boat that will be traveling to local shows and will be the star of some of our future YouTube videos.


These boats assemble in ~30 minutes. Watch this video to see just how easy it is to assemble a MiniCat 460!



The MiniCat 310 is offered in 3 different trim levels:

Standard - The Standard is the base model boat, this boat is great for beginners or kids.  This boat is rated for 2 people. 

Super - The Super is the same as the base model, but it introduces a jib sail, we really recommend that you start here.

Sport - The Sport model isn't much different from the Super, but does introduce a roller furler for the jib.


MiniCat 310 Inflatable Catamaran Sailing


The MiniCat 420 is the most popular sailboat and is offered in 4 different trim levels:

Easy - Much like the Standard version of the 310, this is the base model.  There is no jib sail.  This boat is rated for 4 people.

Insight - The Insight is comparably equipped to the Easy but has a roller furling jib equipped. 

Emotion - The Emotion is where we cross into the sporty, sexy sailing craft that rivals other beach cats.  The emotion has a typical beach cat sail rig with the flat-topped mainsail and the boom at the foot of the main.  These boats can be equipped with trapeze wires for some hull flying fun!

Evoque - The Evoque is the limited edition version of the Emotion, with a Carbon Fiber racing trim rudder, Carbon Fiber Boom, and Carbon Fiber Bowsprit and a limited edition trampoline, this boat will really fly in even the lightest of winds.  This is a true sailor's boat and is a must own for every avid beach cat sailor!


MiniCat 420 Inflatable Catamaran Sailing


The MiniCat 460 is the newest sailboat to be added to the fleet and is only available in one trim level:

Esprit - The Esprit is the largest of the boats offered, and is the sportiest as well.  This boat fits inside 3 small bags and even has an available Gennaker as an option!  This boat has black accented sails and will be a real eye catcher wherever it goes.


MiniCat 420 Inflatable Catamaran Sailing in Bay

All MiniCats can be equipped with an outboard engine (take that Hobie) and even the smallest 310 can carry more than 900 lbs of crew and cargo.  You can assemble these inflatable catamarans in as little as 30 minutes, and they are compact enough to fit in the back seat of a Camry when transporting or in your hall closet when in storage.  Also, feel free to leave the mast off and take it out fishing!

Thank you so much for reading.  We are very excited to bring MiniCat to the USA.  If you like us or our products please tell your friends!

For any of our Canadian friends that want to purchase one, please visit our partners at Mystic Point Watersports.