Go Farther with a Coastal Ready Rower.

The iCoaster 18 is long and narrow and turns every stroke into effortless gliding. This is the perfect board for more experienced rowers looking to row in rougher, coastal waterways. This board cannot flood, and has added "training wheels" chambers above the neutral waterline to ensure you have the stability you need in rough waters. The iCoaster 18 provides the same performance as the Mojo 18, but with extra reserve stability. Easily stowed away and comes with a backpack, repair kit, fin, pump, and strap.

This board offers similar speeds to the Mojo 18. This purpose built coastal rowing board is ready to take you to the horizon and beyond!

Length: 18' | Board Width: 26" Overall Width (including floats):  34"

Weight: 42 lbs | Bag Size: 30" x 24" x 14"

Carry Capacity: 485 lbs

The iCoaster ’18 can be purchased as a standalone board, or preconfigured with ROWonAIR’s exclusive RowVista®, or RowMotion® (with or without oars) rowing units.