Riverstar Professional Accessory Kit

Riverstar Professional Accessory Kit


This professional accessory kit includes everything in the standard accessory kit plus the addition of the rudder, control pedals and the rudder hardware, high seat backs and a spray cover that allows you to add white water aprons for rougher waters.

Why Red Beard Recommends
This is the best buy. This kit includes everything from the standard accessory kit, plus other accessories that are required equipment for whitewater and longer adventures. Paddling with two people or in larger waters is always more enjoyable with a rudder, so bring one along! It will only take an extra 5 minutes to install the rudder after inflation.

Accessory Kit Includes:
1 Hand Air Pump, 2 Aluminum Low Angle 3-Piece Double Paddles, 1 Universal Boat Bag, 1 Rudder Kit, 1 16ft Boat Line, 1 Bottle of Boat Skin Conditioner, 1 Spray Cover, 2 High Back Seat Cushions