Mustang GT
Mustang GT
Mustang GT
Mustang GT

Mustang GT

Speed Rating 7
Stability Rating 7
Crew Capacity 6 Adults
Weight Capacity 1764 lbs
Assembly Time 15 mins


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Grand Touring Day Boat and Yacht Tender

The Mustang GT is a spacious motor boat that can accommodate 6 adults with room for gear and equipment to spare. With a full line of accessories, you will not find a 14’ inflatable boat with more interior space than the Mustang GT. Capable of handling high horsepower, this boat is just as efficient as the smaller Grabner Mustang models. With a class 2 whitewater rating, the Mustang GT is a good option for anyone needing a durable boat for a harsh environment.

Mustang GT Features & Innovations

The Mustang GT is a bargain given its performance capabilities as well as the robust construction of the EPDM rubber and spacious interior design. The Mustang GT is well suited as a dive boat, and would be a reliable yacht tender or safety boat.

Mustang GT Top Image 1 2 3

EPDM Rubber: Rubber hull material offers superior UV protection and is incredibly abrasion resistant all while being safe to bump into your larger boat without worry of damage to either boat. Also see our Mustang Boat Cover.


Grommet Rail: Full length grommet rail allows for flexible seat positioning as well as ample space to stow and tie down gear.


Robust Transom: The transom can mount outboards up to 20 hp. The transom scupper drains off splashed water while under way and can be closed when the boat is sitting still to prevent any water ingress. Also see our Boat Cover for Mustang Boats.

Not the right fit for you? Let’s find your perfect boat.

Mustang GT Features & Innovations

The widened design of the Mustang GT is ideal for anyone who wants the performance and durability of a Grabner-built boat, but needs more space for passengers or gear, such as ship-to-shore for a larger yacht or as a working boat in harsh environments.

Hull Design Image

Triple Contact Hull Design

The tubes and floor are designed to create a tunnel effect that provides performance and stability similar to a catamaran. This is the key to the high performance that the Mustang GT boasts, reaching speeds up to 25 mph while being driven by max horsepower.

Grommet & Rope Rail Image

Grommet & Rope Rail

The grommet rail that runs the length of each side of the Mustang GT offers some splash protection as well as infinite possibilities for gear fastening and accessory attachment. Some possibilities include ability to attach a bimini or oarlocks (the Mustang GT is very pleasurable and fast to row). The rope that runs in the grommet rail is well suited as a safety line in rough seas as well as a hand-hold for carrying the boat on land.

Proven Performance Image

Proven Performance

With a Torqeedo 1103 you can expect a max speed of 7 mph.
With a 6 hp gas outboard you can expect a max speed of 14 mph.
With a 9.9 hp gas outboard you can expect a max speed of 20 mph.
With a 15 hp gas outboard you can expect a max speed of 23 mph.
With a 20 hp gas outboard you can expect a max speed of 25 mph.

*actual speeds may vary based on sea state, outboard, and load.

Robust Transom Image

Robust Transom

The robust transom can mount environmentally-conscious electric outboards as well as gas outboards up to 20 hp. The transom scupper drains off splashed water while under way and can be closed when the boat is sitting still to prevent any water ingress.

The compact slipping wheels can easily be mounted to the transom via the pre-drilled installation holes. The wheels will make it easy to launch and retrieve your Mustang GT from the water at the ramp or beach. Also see our Boat Cover for Mustang Boats.

Mustang GT Technical Specs

Boat Specifications
Overall Length14' 9"
Overall Width67"
Inside Length11' 9"
Inside Width31"
Hose Diameter1' 5"
Weight97 lbs
Capacity6 People / 1764 lbs
Air Chambers3
Packing & Assembly Specifications
Packing Length47"
Packing Width18"
Packing Height10"
Assembly Time15 mins



Grabner offers their boats in a unique way. They sell the base boat, with no extras so you can use the gear you already have or purchase the perfect loadout for your adventures from their expansive accessory offering. Please check out our recommendations below for how to properly outfit your new powerboat to best suit your use case and needs.

callout image

Safety First

When kayaking in whitewater you need to be especially careful and be prepared for the worst. We distribute Gill and other brands allowing us to offer a wide variety of safety gear. We strongly recommend Gill’s world class layering system to keep you warm and their dry suits to keep you comfortable and safe during all sorts of watersports activities.

Mustang GT Accessory Kit


This accessory kit rounds out your new dinghy purchase. This kit provides a bag, pump and paddles so you can get on the water and start enjoying your new boat right away!

Why Red Beard Recommends
This is a baseline accessory kit that will get you up and running as quickly as possible. The Mustang GT rows like a dream with the ability to get a lot of power with little effort with the extra long oars.

Accessory Kit Includes:
1 Hand Air Pump, 1 Pair of Oarlocks, 1 Pair of Oars, 1 Universal Boat Bag, 1 16ft Boat Line, 1 Bottle of Boat Skin Conditioner

Mustang GT Accessory Kit Image

Additional Accessories

The best way to make a motor boat the perfect fit for you, is to make it your own with Grabner’s world class selection of boat accessories. Below you will find all of the available accessories for the Grabner Mustang GT.

Beach Wheels Product

Beach Wheels

These wheels install into pre-drilled holes on the transom. They can be folded up when not needed and are ready to deploy to make beach launch and recovery easier.

Oarlocks Product


The Mustang GT is long and slippery on the water. Rowing it is pleasurable and powerful with long oars. Use these oarlocks to give this boat a standard pin-receiver for a set of oars.

Pair of 2pc Oars Product

Pair of 2pc Oars

These high quality oars use lightweight, rugged aluminum shafts with Grabner’s famous blade shape and rugged polycarbonate construction.

Seat Pad Product

Seat Pad

The seat boards for the Grabner Mustang GT are made of marine plywood, Get these pads, your butt will thank you.

Oarlock Forks Product

Oarlock Forks

High quality oar forks for using your own oars.

Collapsible Transport Cart Image

Collapsible Transport Cart

Lightweight 2-wheel cart for transporting gear or un-inflated boats. Can be collapsed and taken with you for transport assistance on your journeys.

Deluxe Inflator Pump Image

Deluxe Inflator Pump

Automatic 2-stage inflator pump with a built in gauge. This is objectively the best and most reliable electric inflator on the market.

Inflatable Seat Product

Inflatable Seat

This super comfy seat inflates to the desired pressure. This seat sits lower in the boat making the boat more stable in rough conditions and long rides.

Bow Bag Product

Bow Bag

This shaped bag will fit perfectly in the otherwise wasted space of the bow peak. This bag maximizes dry storage for any adventure!

Center Seat Board Product

Center Seat Board

The Mustang GT comes with a front and rear seat, but a third seat can be fitted amidship. This is that third seat board.

Drop Seat Bracket Set Product

Drop Seat Bracket Set

Sometimes you want to sit lower in the boat, this accessory will lower the standard height of the seat by about 5”.

Seat Board Bag Product

Seat Board Bag

This is a padded seat cushion with an attached under seat storage compartment. This helps keep gear close at hand, but safe from the elements.

Center Bag Product

Center Bag

This high quality bag is designed to sit in the center of the boat. It has a waterproof zipper to keep all of your gear safe and dry from spray and rain.

Floor Insert Product

Floor Insert

This foldable rigid floor increases the torsional rigidity and provides a solid under-foot feel. This would be a great accessory for fishermen and hunters who need firm footing.

Sun Awning Product

Sun Awning

Bring the shade with you on your adventures on the Grabner Mustang GT with this full boat sun awning / bimini.

Grabner Accessory Product

Boat Cover

This boat cover is the perfect fit for anyone who wants to keep their Mustang GT on davits or stored on a beach or the deck of a boat. Protect your investment and keep the bird poop and damaging UV rays off of your boat.

Boat Skin Conditioner 1L Image

Boat Skin Conditioner 1L

This proprietary conditioner keeps your rubber hulls in great condition. Keeps fabric from drying out, prevents aquatic growth and even makes the boat faster through the water!



Sometimes You Just Need A Little Push.

The Grabner Mustang GT is very easily powered and is efficiently pushed by small outboards. With a capacity to accept up to a 20 horsepower gas outboard, the Mustang GT can achieve speeds as high as 25 MPH!

Torqeedo 1103CS Image

Torqeedo 1103CS


For the ultimate portable setup, the 1103CS allows you to motor along at a top speed of 6 MPH, with the standard propeller. This motor requires very little maintenance and will never have a gummed up carburetor to ruin your adventure.


  • Only 38 lbs including battery
  • Available in two shaft lengths. The short shaft is recommended for the Mustang GT.
  • Easy to manage and handle as the battery is integrated into the body of the motor, like a built-in gas tank.
  • The LCD display will give you current speed, battery capacity readings, remaining range and even error codes!

Kit Includes:
1 Short Shaft Motor, 1 915Wh Lithium Battery, 1 AC Charger, 1 USB Adapter for charging other devices from battery, 1 Magnetic Kill Switch

Additional Compatible Outboards

Sometimes the motor we recommend isn’t the best for everyone’s particular needs or situation. Please check out these other motors for alternatives to our above recommendation.

Outboard Product

Electric Paddle EP Carry

This 1 hp equivalent outboard is a lightweight simple solution to get your Mustang GT moving!


Resources & Support

Warranty & Registration
Brochures & Manuals

Grabner Warranty

Grabner provides a 24-month total warranty on all boats and a 7-year warranty on the boat-skin. For full details on what is covered in the warranty reference the Grabner manual here.

24 months total-warranty / 7 years boat-skin-warranty

Mustang GT Reviews

Highly environmentally friendly and sustainable, Grabner boats are the most environmentally friendly on the world market.

  • The boat skin inside coating is made of renewable natural rubber.
  • The boat skin can be 100% recycled. This recovers 95% of the primary energy.
  • The boat skin does not contain PVC! No toxic plasticizers! No poisonous chlorine!
  • Grabner boats have an unsurpassed lifespan of several decades, instead of throwing away after a short time!
  • The boat skin is manufactured to the highest EU environmental standards in Germany.
  • Easy to repair: The Grabner factory service handles repairs quickly, professionally and will not let you down.
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