Invader Raft
Invader Raft
Invader Raft
Invader Raft

Invader Raft

Speed Rating 5.0
Stability Rating 9.0
Max. Crew Capacity 7 Adults
Weight Capacity 3549 lbs
Inflation Time ~20 mins


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The World’s Best Raft

The Invader Raft is unparalleled in design or craftsmanship. If you need a raft for your expedition or for your business, you won’t find a better option than the Invader.

When the going gets tough, you want your raft to be quick to manuver, easy to paddle, easy to stay on and unsinkable.

Invader Features & Innovations

Built like no other. This high pressure raft is nimble, hydrodynamic and hyper-durable.

Invader Top Image 1 2 3

Two stabilizing pillows create torsional rigidity. Each pillow has a boarding handle on each end for easier boarding from the water.


Safety lifeline around the entire boat for easy handholds for any passenger.


Grommet drain holes 360° around the interior of the boat for fast draining. This keeps the boat from flooding for better safety and comfort.

Not the right fit for you? Let’s find your perfect boat.

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Invader Features & Innovations

The robust build quality and design of the Invader raft makes this raft the best option available on the market for wilderness expeditions, family vacations and commercial rafting businesses. The Invader is designed to perform and built to handle the worst conditions the wild has to offer.

Grabner Double Skin Image

Robust & Safe

Double rubber skin on sides.

Grabner Tube-in-a-Tube Image

Tube-in-a-Tube Reliability

Finish your adventure with tube-in-a-tube. Whitewater rafting is an inherently dangerous sport and punctures do happen. The Grabner bulkheads are built into the rafts in a way that you don’t completely deflate a section of the boat. Even with a puncture or gash in the outer tubes, the Invader raft will maintain its performance and handling until you can get to safety or finish your run.

Grabner Non-Slip Seating Image

Non-Slip Seating

Special non-skid material is glued to the seating portions of the tubes. This keeps paddlers on board and out of the water, even when the going gets rough. It's non-slip when wet, but not so abrasive that it will hurt clothing or bare skin.

Grabner High Pressure Tubes Image

High Pressure Tubes

The Grabner Invader raft is inflated to a higher pressure than other whitewater rafts; this gives the Invader the ability to move faster, and with better responsiveness to steering and paddling.

Grabner Contiguous Bow and Stern Image

Contiguous Bow and Stern

Many rafts are built like an inflatable boat, where the bow is the meeting place of two tubes that run along the sides of the boat. The invader uses a continuous tube, this gives it the most robust and reliable bow and stern for those hard and unexpected hits!

Grabner Quick Bailing Holes Image

Quick Bailing Holes

Bailing holes run the entire length of the Invader whitewater raft. These holes make sure any water in the boat is quickly evacuated. This keeps gear drier and keeps the boat less slippery. This also makes sure the raft never “gains weight” causing it to lose performance and become sluggish.

Invader Technical Specs

Boat Specifications
Overall Length12' 9"
Overall Width83"
Inside Length10' 2"
Inside Width39"
Hose Diameter1' 10"
Weight119 lbs
Capacity7 People / 3549 lbs
Air Chambers7
Packing & Assembly Specifications
Packing Length47"
Packing Width20"
Packing Height12"
Assembly Time20 mins



Grabner offers their boats in a unique way. They sell the base boat, with no extras so you can use the gear you already have or purchase the perfect loadout for your adventures from their expansive accessory offering. The Invader raft can be used for a multitude of things, from personal rafting trips down the Colorado River to professional whitewater businesses. Call us if you have any questions or specific use cases that beg for more customization.

Invader Accessories

The best way to make a motor boat the perfect fit for you, is to make it your own with Grabner’s world class selection of boat accessories. Below you will find all of the available accessories for the Grabner Adventure Team.

Grabner Accessory Product

Single Blade 1pc Paddle

High quality paddles for canoeing; the rugged plastic blades and aluminum shafts won’t break or bend even when hitting rocks and other hard surfaces. These are available in multiple lengths: 50” (128cm, best for kids), 61” (155cm) and 67” (170cm).

Grabner Accessory Product

Single Blade 1pc Helmsman Paddle

These are robust, reliable, ergonomic and collapsible paddles. This is a 1 part paddle for superior durability over a segmented paddle. This paddle is ideal for a helmsman/guide. It is a bit longer for better traction in rough waters, coming in at 67”.

Grabner Accessory Product

Hand Pump

A premium quality hand pump. With the included pressure valve adapter, you pump until you hear the hiss, then your raft is at the optimal pressure!

Collapsible Transport Cart Image

Collapsible Transport Cart

Lightweight 2-wheel cart for transporting gear or un-inflated canoes. Can be collapsed and taken with you for transport assistance on your journeys.

Deluxe Inflator Pump Image

Deluxe Inflator Pump

Automatic 2-stage inflator pump with a built in gauge. This is objectively the best and most reliable electric inflator on the market.

Rescue Throw-bag Raft Product

Rescue Throw Bag

This is a rescue bag for man overboard situations. Conforms to rafting OENORM V5868. This accessory or equivalent is required safety equipment for every raft.

Universal Boat Bag Image

Universal Boat Bag

This bag is easy to put the boat and all gear inside. Simply put everything in a neat pile then fold the flaps around it all. Cinch straps and buckles make it easy to keep everything in place for your next adventure.

Service Box Product Image

Service Box

A waterproof plastic container complete with service materials to keep your rafts running, even in the unlikely event of a puncture or damage to the raft.

Boat Skin Conditioner 1L Image

Boat Skin Conditioner 1L

This proprietary conditioner keeps your rubber hulls in great condition. Keeps fabric from drying out, prevents aquatic growth and even makes the boat faster through the water!


Resources & Support

Warranty & Registration
Brochures & Manuals

Grabner Warranty

Grabner provides a 24-month total warranty on all boats and a 7-year warranty on the boat-skin. For full details on what is covered in the warranty reference the Grabner manual here.

24 months total-warranty / 7 years boat-skin-warranty

Invader Raft Reviews

Highly environmentally friendly and sustainable, Grabner boats are the most environmentally friendly on the world market.

  • The boat skin inside coating is made of renewable natural rubber.
  • The boat skin can be 100% recycled. This recovers 95% of the primary energy.
  • The boat skin does not contain PVC! No toxic plasticizers! No poisonous chlorine!
  • Grabner boats have an unsurpassed lifespan of several decades, instead of throwing away after a short time!
  • The boat skin is manufactured to the highest EU environmental standards in Germany.
  • Easy to repair: The Grabner factory service handles repairs quickly, professionally and will not let you down.
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