Hurricane Sailboat
Hurricane Sailboat
Hurricane Sailboat
Hurricane Sailboat
Happy Cat

Hurricane Sailboat

Speed Rating 10
Stability Rating 8
Max. Crew Capacity 4 Adults
Weight Capacity 1323 lbs
Inflation Time ~40 mins


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No-Compromise High Performance Beach Cat

The Happy Cat Hurricane is a beach cat that is capable of beating the big boys at their own game. Barring a foil, the Hurricane can go boat-for-boat with any high performance beach cat or trimaran on the market. This boat is fast, nimble, stable, points like a dinghy and best of all: fun as heck to sail! If you are buying a Hurricane, then you are looking for a boat that can safely sail fast with the family, but reduce the crew to two and you have a wind powered rocketship on your hands.

Explore our full line of catamaran accessories and get geared up for your next adventure.

Setup is easy! Click here to watch the full Happy Cat Hurricane setup video.

Boat Capabilities

Happy Cat Hurricane

Max Crew Capacity
4 People
Max Carry Capacity
1323 lbs
Capsize Resistance
Beaufort Rating

Happy Cat Hurricane Innovations

The Happy Cat Hurricane is a performance sailing boat. Easy to sail with hyper-refined control systems, this boat is both forgiving and fast, even capable of sailing faster than the wind. This sailboat is compact enough to be transported by car or in the bed of a truck and provides performance only previously available via trailer.

Assembled View Packed-Down View
Happy Cat Assembled Image 1 2 3 4 5 6
Happy Cat Packed Down Image 1 2

Reinforcing Bow Braces: Additional bow braces further rigidize the frame and hulls. The Hurricane hulls do not flex, even in 5’ waves. The Hurricane, albeit more nimble, will feel just like a solid hull boat.


Furling Jib: Furling jib on a continuous furler can be put away in heavy winds to increase boat stability. The innovative forestay design allows for the jib luff to be super tight for better windward performance.


The convex hull bottom: Improved hull shape over other inflatables and mimics composite hull shapes. Wavepiercer bow cuts through the waves. This shape bow maximizes waterline length for faster sailing speeds


Easy to set up and disassemble: The tilt-up mast joint makes it easy to step and de-step the mast, which can easily be stepped by just a single person.


Over Pressure Protection: Over-pressure valves protect the hulls from damage when left on the beach in the sun. This gives you peace of mind that your boat is safe from unexpected seam failures.


Ball Step Rotating Mast: The Hurricane is the only inflatable sailboat with a ball stepped rotating mast and a mast rotation limiter when you need a little less power. A rotating mast allows for less turbulence and improved speed and pointing ability.


Three Storage Bags: The Evolution comes in three bags; two measure 71” x 12” x 12” and weigh about 65 pounds each, the third bag is 32” x 18” x 11” and weighs about 35 pounds.


Cinch Straps: The Evolution consists of mostly metal parts. Once zipped up, the cinch straps keep parts from scraping and shifting in the bags preventing damage in storage.

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Happy Cat Hurricane Features & Benefits

From your car, truck or RV to the water in just 30-40 minutes! The Happy Cat Hurricane inflatable sailboat is light, agile and incredibly fast! The Hurricane will make any racer or adrenaline junkie happy. Stable enough to have kids on board but there have been no compromises made by way of performance. Carbon fiber hulls are light, inflatable hulls are lighter!

Portability Image

Portable, Packable, and Race-Ready

The Happy Cat Hurricane inflatable catamaran can be easily stowed away and packed into three bags that are less than 6 feet long. The compact size is perfect for sailors with smaller vehicles, and makes stowing a breeze in an apartment closet, garage or shed. With a setup time of just 30-40 mins, you’ll be flying across the water in no time flat.

Hull Image

Innovative Hull

More buoyancy, extra loads, increased safety – and smooth sailing with less spray: The convex hull bottom reduces resistance at the bow and stern, and the modern Wavepiercer bow cuts through the waves. You will be the fastest sailor on the water! It has been developed and optimized through tank testing and the boat-skin is hand made from tough Grabner rubber. Inflatable buoyancy combined with inverted bows make this boat almost impossible to pitchpole.

Robust Frame Image

Robust Aluminium Frame

Frame with internal profile: The frame doesn’t twist, the hulls don’t bounce off. The profile frame, which is made from saltwater-resistant aluminum, is firmly connected to the hull at the top and at the sides with four sleeve inserts. These angular connectors provide torsional stability, while the trampoline mesh is integrated seamlessly and directly into the profile frame.

Centerboard Image

Retractable Centerboard

The deeper the centerboard extends into the water, the better it reduces lateral drift. The centerboard of the Happy Cat reaches particularly deep and it can also be infinitely inclined to optimally trim the pressure point to the speed of each course.

The extremely robust and hydrodynamically optimized aluminum center board retracts automatically when it touches the ground and can be pulled in completely during landing.

Carbon Fiber Mast Image

Optional Carbon Fiber Mast

The Carbon Mast option is super beefy and the whole 20’ mast weighs just 8 pounds. Carbon Masts allows for more power in heavy winds resulting in a faster, more stable boat in all conditions, but especially noticeable in heavy winds and/or a lightweight crew. The carbon mast upgrade also includes a mast bag to keep that beautiful mast in great shape.

Traveler and Trim Image

Adjustable Traveler and Trim

Depending on the course, the tow point of the mainsheet is moved towards luff or lee using the traveller and the “twist” of the mainsail is reduced. You can perfectly adjust the mainsheet profile to the wind conditions, the mainsheet is hooked into the clew plate further towards the front or to the rear.

Happy Cat Hurricane Technical Specs

Boat Specifications
Overall Length16' 4"
Overall Width7' 7"
Mast Height20'
Weight187 lbs
Max. Crew Capacity4 people
Max Carry Capacity1323 lbs
Hull Material1000 dtex
Sail Area (Jib + Main)118 ft2
Packing and Assembly Specifications
Bag Dimensions2x 71" x 12" x 12", 1x 32" x 18" x 11
Assembly Time ~40 mins
Operating Pressure 4.3 psi
Happy Cat Accessories



Hurricane Accessory Kit


The Hurricane Accessory Kit includes all of the parts you will want to have on hand for every adventure. This includes all of the accessories needed to get you out on the water and harnessing the breeze.

Why Red Beard Recommends

You will nearly always want paddles on board for when the wind dies or even for poling out the jib on light wind and downwind sailing. The hand pump is good to have around when launching in cold water, the air in the hull may condense which means you might need to re-pressurize after the pressure normalizes.

Accessory Kit Includes:
1 Air Pump, 2 Single Paddles (128 cm), 1 Foredeck, 1 Boat Line (16 ft), 1 Bottle of Liquid Hull Conditioner (1 Liter)

Evolution Accessory Kit Image



The Slipping Wheels attach to the rear frame of the boat providing a “built-in” launching cart. Simpler and more convenient than a traditional launching cart.

Why Red Beard Recommends
These wheels are great for use on any hard ground such as sand, concrete, dirt gravel and more. They are especially nice for beaches with sharp shells or barnacle covered rocks. Simply rotate down and the boat is ready to move about on land, without the need to stash an expensive launching cart in the bushes.


HappyCat Slipping Wheels Image

Additional Accessories

Foredeck Product Image


The foredeck installs between the front crossbar and the front of the main trampoline. It will cut down on spray and it expands the trampoline for people and gear.

Deluxe Inflation Pump Product Image

Deluxe Inflation Pump

The Happy Cat Hurricane does not include a pump. A hand pump may be helpful for adjusting hull pressures but this electric pump is strongly recommended. There is A LOT of air that needs to go into these hulls and this pump makes light work of it.

Foredeck Net Product Image

Foredeck Net

This is an add-on to the foredeck. It allows you to store loose items under the net, always handy to have.

Foredeck Bag Product Image

Foredeck Bag

In lieu of the Foredeck Net, this Foredeck Bag will provide waterproof storage in a conveniently located bag on the foredeck. This is great for phones, wallets and even shoes if you plan to do some walking on a distant beach.

Code 0 w/ Furler Product Image

Code 0 w/ Furler

This is the ultimate light wind and downwind sail for the Hurricane. This 92 ft2 nylon sail is cut a little flatter than a Gennaker allowing sailing angles as high as 55º and 110º tacks. Also look at the Furling Screecher for Happy Cat Sailboats.

inflatable Seats Product Image

Inflatable Seats

These inflatable seats attach to the side rails and give you a cushy seat in addition to covering the metal frame. This change in seating height can also be good for aging backs.

Masthead Float Product Image

Masthead Float

This inflatable teardrop shaped float is easy to install and inflate and provides more buoyancy than any foam float. This will keep your Happy Cat on its side if you capsize, making it much easier to right without a fuss.

Stern Crossbar Product Image

Stern Crossbar

This is required to install the rear trampoline. This also will support some of the weight of the extra-long motor mount that allows you to keep the outboard mounted on the stern with less fuss.

Stern Crossbar Product Image

Rear Trampoline

This stern crossbar provides a bit more quick-access storage for your Hurricane. Keep a cooler, photography gear or any other gear you would want to have quick access to. This trampoline is not intended to support body weight.

Trapeze System Product Image

Trapeze System

This attaches to the trapeze-harness and consists of two harness pulleys which are both adjustable by 80 cm with pulley blocks.

Trapeze Harness Product Image

Trapeze Harness

Comfortable, cushioned trapeze harness for hiking-out includes two adjustable shoulder, waist and leg straps and a stainless steel trapeze-hook.

Tiller Extension Product Image

Extra Long Tiller Extension

Facilitates use of the rudder when sailing with a harness.

Shroud Wind Vanes Product Image

Shroud Wind Vanes

These high quality wind vanes are mounted on the shrouds. This is much easier and more convenient than looking at a masthead wind vane.

Strong Wind Sail Set Product Image

Strong Wind Sail Set

This extra sail set has a reduced sail area for both sails. The jib has a sail area of 21 ft2 and the mainsail has an area of 45.5 ft2. This is a great set for people looking to get familiar with the boat before using the larger sails and also for use on those heavy wind days.

Long Motor Bracket Product Image

Long Motor Bracket

Perfect for mounting an electric or up to 3 hp gasoline outboard. Be sure to get a long shaft motor so the propeller stays in the water in wavy conditions. This mount should be used if the boat is equipped with a Rear Crossbar / Rear Trampoline.

Short Rudder Mount Product Image

Short Rudder Mount

Used in conjunction with the Long Motor Bracket, you can leave the outboard affixed to the motor mount without restricting the range of motion for the tiller.

Short Rudder Mount Product Image

Short Motor Bracket

The Hurricane has a second purpose in life! This is great for RVers or anyone that wants to use the Hurricane for exploring, fishing or just general boating. A 6 hp gas motor can propel this Happy Cat at nearly 20 mph!

Mast Bag Product Image

Mast Bag

This high quality padded mast bag is a great addition to your storage and transport solutions. It lightens the other bags and segregates the sections to keep the mast scratch and dent free. Your mast and sails are the “engine” of your boat, take care of them with this mast bag.

Bimini / Sun Awning Product Image

Bimini / Sun Awning

Shady and cool fun without the mast. Sometimes you just want to get out on the water without needing to rig the mast. Use an outboard or paddles with the sun awning for a shady day of fun on the water!

Boat Cover Product Image

Boat Cover

Fully protective boat cover. Keep bird poop and the sun’s harmful rays off of your boat, it is well fitted and designed to leave the mast standing. It will keep your sails dry and secure underneath the cover.

Happy Cat Outboard Motors



For the times when the wind dies down, or when you want to use your Happy Cat as a tender or day boat, it’s easy to add an outboard motor. Lower the outboard into the water, press the power button and off you go. To use the Evo as a tender we recommend a motor up to 3 HP with a long shaft (20” or longer) like the EP Carry Motor or Torqeedo 1103CL below.

EP Carry Electric Outboard Motor Image

EP Carry Electric Outboard Motor


The Evolution is very easily pushed along by a simple paddle, but to make way against wind, waves and currents, sometimes it is necessary to use a small outboard. The Electric Paddle is lightweight, waterproof and a great value. This motor can even be charged via solar while underway for an extended range! The EP Carry is the motor that Red Beard recommends for all Happy Cats.


  • Only 21 lbs including battery
  • The easiest motor to lift, mount, and operate due to its compact size
  • Efficient battery charges quickly and gives you plenty of range to get out and back without breaking a sweat

Kit Includes:
One Long Shaft Motor, Soft Motor Carry Bag with Shoulder Strap, 5-hour Smart Charger, Lock and Key for Security, Buoyant Lithium Battery in a Drybag, and a 2-year Warranty.

Additional Compatible Outboards

Sometimes the motor we recommend isn’t the best for everyone’s particular needs or situation. Please check out these other motors for alternatives to our above recommendation.

Outboard Product

Torqeedo 1103CL

This 3 hp equivalent outboard is more powerful than the EP Carry, but it comes at a higher price point.


Resources & Support

Warranty & Registration
Brochures & Manuals
Assembly Information


Grabner provides a 24-month total warranty on all Happy Cat boats and a 7-year warranty on the boat-skin. For full details on what is covered in the warranty, reference the Happy Cat Owner’s Manual.

24 months total-warranty, 7 years boat-skin-warranty

Assembly Video

Highly environmentally friendly and sustainable, Grabner boats are the most environmentally friendly on the world market.

  • The boat skin inside coating is made of renewable natural rubber.
  • The boat skin can be 100% recycled. This recovers 95% of the primary energy.
  • The boat skin does not contain PVC! No toxic plasticizers! No poisonous chlorine!
  • Grabner boats have an unsurpassed lifespan of several decades, instead of throwing away after a short time!
  • The boat skin is manufactured to the highest EU environmental standards in Germany.
  • Easy to repair: The Grabner factory service handles repairs quickly, professionally and will not let you down.
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