ePropulsion Vaquita SUP Motor
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ePropulsion Vaquita SUP Motor


Three reasons you need ePropulsion for your SUP: Clean, Easy, Quiet.

With a compact lithium battery and outstanding efficiency, the Vaquita SUP motor is a great alternative to use a SUP board or kayak. The Vaquita is an amazingly small and powerful piece of tech.

The features you want on a motor are standard and well thought out:

Overboard Protection - the Vaquita has a bluetooth wireless throttle, and if you were to fall overboard, your Vaquita will power off until you are back on board your...board!

Prop Guard - Paddling allows you to get very close to nature, a prop guard ensures that you don't harm anything in the water, be it a turtle or yourself (man overboard)!

Multiple Adapters - The Vaquita comes with a multitude of attachments to make it a painless and simple install on any SUP! Some customers have even mounted these motors on kayaks and other small craft. Check out the XCAT which uses a custom mount for the Vaquita! 

ePropulsion has mastered the direct drive motor. The only noise this motor makes is the sound of the water slapping the bottom of the board, it is literally quieter than a whisper (no high pitched whine like other motors on the market).

Package Includes:

ePropulsion Vaquita, 324Wh Lithium-Ion Battery, Wireless remote throttle, manuals and instructions, US Fin Box Adapter, SUP Fin Box Adapter, Universal Mount Adapter.