Adventure Expedition
Adventure Expedition
Adventure Expedition
Adventure Expedition

Adventure Expedition

Speed Rating 9.0
Stability Rating 9.5
Crew Capacity 3 Adults
Weight Capacity 992 lbs
White Water Category 3


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Lightweight, stable and built for All-Day Adventure

The Adventure Expedition canoe has played roles in adventure films and taken part in hundreds of thousands of adventures over the years but there is still more fun to be had!

The Adventure Expedition is an inflatable canoe that has been used the world over and is not only the most popular portable canoe, but the best quality as well. You can expect as good if not better performance and durability from the Adventure Expedition as you would from a traditional aluminum canoe!

Boat Capabilities

Adventure Expedition

Max Rowers / Paddlers
3 People
Max Carry Capacity
992 lbs
Capsize Resistance
Coastal & Whitewater
Whitewater Rating
Class 3

Adventure Expedition Features & Innovations

The Adventure Expedition is everything the Adventure is famous for but with the addition of the continuous grommet rail. This allows you to pack more and keep it all safe and secure.

Adventure Expedition Top Image 1 2 3

Optional fitted dry bags fit into the bow and stern peaks to maximize available storage space. Paddle longer and travel further with the right gear.


Flexible Seating: Standard Two seats with the option to add a third adjustable seat location helps you find just the right spot.


Durable Rubber Skin: EPDM natural rubber skin made by Continental Tire is incredibly durable and can withstand bumps and scrapes against sticks and rocks without a worry of a puncture. This durable skin affords the Adventure Expedition a Class 3 whitewater rating.

Not the right fit for you? Let’s find your perfect boat.

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Adventure Expedition Features & Innovations

The Adventure Expedition is a workhorse and can handle it all. From its rugged construction to its efficient hull design this boat will get you to, through and back from every adventure.

Extremely Portable Image

Extremely Portable & Adventure Ready

Everything fits in just one bag! Grabner inflatable canoes take up a tiny amount of space once rolled up; throw it in your trunk or check it as luggage on your next traveling adventure!

Outboard Ready Image

Sweat-Free Propulsion

Easily mount the Torqeedo Ultralight 403 electric kayak motor on the strake mounted stern bracket. Arrive to your destination more rested, let technology do the paddling for you!

High gunwales Image

A Place to Fasten Everything

High gunwales protect from splashing water. All Grabner canoes have ample tie-down points but the Adventure Expedition has a continuous grommet rail to attach anything and everything. With optional thigh-belts even the paddlers can be secured to the boat!

Function and Form Image

Where Function and Form Meet

The curved bow and stern strakes create added buoyancy at the ends of the boat and also give it that classic canoe shape that we all know and love!

Children On Board Image

Children On Board?

The high gunwales are perfect for keeping kids and gear in and splashing waves and water out!

The interior is very spacious and can accommodate up to three adults with the addition of an optional third seat board.

Ready to Bail Image

Ready to Bail

In white water, the self-bailer evacuates any water that finds its way into the boat. You can roll it up and seal it when sitting still or in calm waters to prevent any unwanted water ingress.

Adventure Expedition Technical Specs

Boat Specifications
Overall Length14' 9"
Overall Width37"
Inside Length24"
Hose Diameter1' 6" x 0' 7"
Capacity3 people / 992 lbs
Air Chambers3
Storage Space - Bow2440 cu.ins.
Storage Space - Stern2440 cu.ins.
Construction MaterialEco-Conscious Renewable rubber
Packing & Assembly Specifications
Packing Length26"
Packing Width16"
Packing Height10"
Assembly Time10 mins
Operating Pressure4.3 psi
Outboard Motor Specifications*
Outboard Power w/Outrigger2,2 kw / 3 hp
Outboard Weight w/Outrigger40 lbs
Outboard Power Electric - Rear Engine400 Watts
Outboard Weight Electric - Rear Engine11 lbs
Standard Equipment
Safety Valves3
Seat Board Stern1
Bow/Stern Reinforcements2
Eyelet Stripes2
Carry- and Luggage Belts7
Safety Line1
Stainless Steel D-Rings6
Specification Label1
Seat Boards Fittings2
Repair Kit1
Bailing Hose1
Valve Key1
Seat Board Bow1
Pressure Relief Adapter1



Grabner offers their boats in a unique way. They sell the base boat, with no extras so you can use the gear you already have or purchase the perfect loadout for your adventures from their expansive accessory offering. Please check out our recommendations below for how to properly outfit your new canoe to best suit your use case and needs.

callout image

The Right Paddle, Right Now

Everyone who canoes paddles their own way. It is sometimes an expensive game of trial and error to find the paddle that best fits you and your style. Grabner and Red Beard Sailing have a narrow and specific selection of paddles so that you can determine the right paddle for your needs, the first time.

Adventure Expedition Single Paddle Accessory Kit


This accessory kit rounds out your new canoe purchase. This kit provides a bag, pump and paddles so you can get on the water and start enjoying your new canoe right away!

Why Red Beard Recommends
This is a baseline accessory kit that will get you up and running as quickly as possible. The paddles are collapsible and everything can store in and on the backpack. The Adventure Expedition is a nearly 15’ long canoe, so moving it in a wheel bag is always easier on the back than carrying it.

Accessory Kit Includes:
1 Hand Air Pump, 2 Single Blade 3pc Canoe Paddles, 1 Backpack With Wheels, 1 16ft Boat Line, 1 Bottle of Boat Skin Conditioner

Adventure Expedition Single Paddle Accessory Kit Image

Adventure Expedition Combi-Paddle Accessory Kit


The Combi-Paddle accessory kit is a great starting point for learning what the Adventure has to offer. Including all of the necessary bits to get you hurtling down your favorite river or cruising across your favorite lake.

Why Red Beard Recommends
The Combi-paddle can be 2 single blade paddles for when you are out with a friend, but when you want to get upstream (or downstream) faster, this paddle can turn into a double-blade kayak paddle for more power. This is a kit that maximizes utility without breaking the bank.

Accessory Kit Includes:
1 Hand Air Pump, 1 Combi-Paddle, 1 Backpack With Wheels, 1 16ft Boat Line, 1 Bottle of Boat Skin Conditioner


Adventure Expedition Combi-Paddle Accessory Kit Image

Additional Accessories

The best way to make a canoe the perfect fit for you, is to make it your own with Grabner’s world class selection of canoe accessories. Below you will find all of the available accessories for the Grabner Adventure Canoe.

Single Blade 3pc Canoe Paddle Product

Single Blade 3pc Canoe Paddle

These are robust, reliable, ergonomic and collapsible paddles. They break down to fit in the storage bag or pack in luggage for a trip aboard a plane.

Combi-Paddle Single-Double Paddle Product

Combi-Paddle Single-Double Paddle

This high quality aluminum paddle can be two single-blade paddles or one double-bladed kayak paddle.

Center Seat Board Product

Center Seat Board

The Adventure Expedition comes with a front and rear seat, but a third seat can be fitted amidship. This is that third seat board.

Thigh Belt Product

Thigh Belt

For use in whitewater applications. There is a convenient panic release in case you need to detach from the boat.

Bow/Stern Bag Product

Bow/Stern Bag

This shaped bag will fit perfectly in the otherwise wasted space of the bow and stern peaks. This bag maximizes storage for any adventure!

Center Bag Product

Center Bag

This is a large zippered drybag that sits amidship. This is great for carrying small cargo that needs to stay dry, and needs to be stowed, like camping gear and food.

Seat Pad Product

Seat Pad

The seat boards for the Grabner Adventure Expedition are made of marine plywood, Get these pads, your butt will thank you.

Seat Board Bag Product

Seat Board Bag

This is a padded seat cushion with an attached under seat storage compartment. This helps keep gear close at hand, but safe from the elements.

Drop Seat Bracket Set Product

Drop Seat Bracket Set

Sometimes you want to sit lower in the boat, this accessory will lower the standard height of the seat by about 5”.

Collapsible Kayak Dolly Image

Collapsible Canoe Dolly

Lightweight dolly for transporting fully inflated kayaks on land. Can be collapsed and taken with you for portages along the way.

Collapsible Transport Cart Image

Collapsible Transport Cart

Lightweight 2-wheel cart for transporting gear or un-inflated canoes. Can be collapsed and taken with you for transport assistance on your journeys.

Deluxe Inflator Pump Image

Deluxe Inflator Pump

Automatic 2-stage inflator pump with a built in gauge. This is objectively the best and most reliable electric inflator on the market.

Spray Cover 3 Seater Product

Spray Cover 3 Seater

Keep you, your friends and your gear dry with this removable spray cover! Use aprons to make a watertight seal with paddlers, use a hatch cover if you are paddling fewer people.

Apron Product


The apron will keep your lower body and inside of the boat dry in whitewater and wet weather. Universal fit is perfect for any paddler.

Grabner Accessory Product

Cockpit Hatch Cover

You will need this cover if you plan to paddle with fewer than 3 people (with the spray cover installed). This cover blocks off one cockpit opening to create a watertight seal. Great for keeping gear dry on those wet runs!

Boat Skin Conditioner 1L Image

Boat Skin Conditioner 1L

This proprietary conditioner keeps your rubber hulls in great condition. Keeps fabric from drying out, prevents aquatic growth and even makes the boat faster through the water!

Glue-on Stabilizing Fin Image

Glue-on Stabilizing Fin

In some cases, you may prefer a skeg over a rudder. This glue-on fin is what you will want in those cases.

Motor Bracket Product

Motor Bracket

This motor bracket is required to mount a Torqeedo 403 A motor. Add this accessory to your cart when adding one of the motors listed below. Let technology do the paddling!

Bailing Hole Seal Product

Bailing Hole Seal

The bailing hose on the Adventure Expedition works like a drybag, but sometimes you just want that added security. This seal will guarantee a watertight seal of the bailing hose.

Floor Insert Product

Floor Insert

This foldable rigid floor increases the torsional rigidity and provides a solid under-foot feel. This would be a great accessory for fishermen and hunters who need firm footing.



Let Technology Do the Paddling for You!

Kayaks are amazingly well designed boats. They are stable due to their low center of gravity and are very hydrodynamic allowing them to be propelled easily, even by small muscle groups such as shoulders and arms. It is time to take advantage of the kayak’s design and leave behind manual paddling! Electric motors are reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly. An electric motor will free your hands so you can dedicate them to a fishing rod for easier landing of the big catch, a pair of binoculars for easier bird watching, or any other activity that would require two hands. Give in to the dark side and embrace the way of electric propulsion!

callout image

Built in GPS

Did you know that Torqeedo motors have built in GPS and a screen that displays real time range, runtime and speed? It also allows you to easily troubleshoot with error code readouts. Don’t guess with other brand’s display free designs. Torqeedo makes it easy to own and use an electric outboard!

Torqeedo 403 AC Image

Torqeedo 403 AC


This electric motor is light in weight and provides ample propulsion to get you to your destination (or back) with ease! The Grabner motor mount (add to your cart from the above accessory list) provides a perfect and custom fit of this little motor so you can mount and be on the water in mere minutes.


  • Faster than paddling
  • Easier than paddling
  • Extends paddling
  • Paddling into the wind becomes trivial
  • Rechargeable via wall outlet or solar
  • Environmentally friendly

Kit Includes:
1 Motor, 1 915Wh Lithium Battery, 1 Control Unit, 1 90w AC Charger, 1 USB Adapter for charging other devices from battery, 1 Magnetic Kill Switch

Additional Compatible Outboards

Sometimes the motor we recommend isn’t the best for everyone’s particular needs or situation. Please check out these other motors for alternatives to our above recommendation.

Outboard Product

Torqeedo 403 A

The exact same motor as the 403 AC, but with a lower capacity and less expensive battery.


Resources & Support

Warranty & Registration
Brochures & Manuals
Assembly Information

Grabner Warranty

Grabner provides a 24-month total warranty on all boats and a 7-year warranty on the boat-skin. For full details on what is covered in the warranty reference the Grabner manual here.

24 months total-warranty / 7 years boat-skin-warranty

Boat Assembly

Adventure Expedition Reviews

Highly environmentally friendly and sustainable, Grabner boats are the most environmentally friendly on the world market.

  • The boat skin inside coating is made of renewable natural rubber.
  • The boat skin can be 100% recycled. This recovers 95% of the primary energy.
  • The boat skin does not contain PVC! No toxic plasticizers! No poisonous chlorine!
  • Grabner boats have an unsurpassed lifespan of several decades, instead of throwing away after a short time!
  • The boat skin is manufactured to the highest EU environmental standards in Germany.
  • Easy to repair: The Grabner factory service handles repairs quickly, professionally and will not let you down.
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