Independence From Trailers Sale

From July 1st to July 8th you can save on MiniCat, Happy Cat, XCAT, ROWonAIR, and Takacat!

Use the following discount codes at checkout: 

Save 10% Off MiniCat with code ITSMINICAT

Save 20% Off Happy Cat Boats with code ITSHAPPYCAT

Save 10% Off XCAT with code ITSXCAT

Save 10% Off ROWonAIR (Boards and Rowing Units) with code ITSROA

Save 25% Off Takacat 340LX & 380LX Models with code TAK25

Save 10% Off Takacat 260LX & 300LX (grey only) with code TAK10

*Sale does not apply to consignment boats

Have questions about our boats or which accessories you need?
Reach out to Alex via phone at 410-705-5026
or via email at

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