XCAT Roof Rack Accessory Kit

XCAT Roof Rack Accessory Kit


This bundle of accessories is the perfect kit if you plan to transport your XCAT on the roof of your car. This kit doesn't include the actual roof rack, but does include 2 straps to strap down the hulls, 2 straps to strap down the mast and main trampoline, 2 rubber pads that slide into the T-rail on most roof rack crossbars, and the most important part of this kit – the peg! The peg inserts into the hole vacated by the crossbars, this keeps the hulls aligned to each other when on the roof of a car, keeping them from rotating and becoming the-guy-behind-you-on-the-highway's XCAT!

What's in the kit:

  • Soft inserts x2
  • Straps 1" x 8.5' x2
  • Straps 3/4" x 4' x2
  • Hull connectors x1

Please check out our XCAT Buyer's Guide for help selecting accessories.