Speed Rating 5
Stability Rating 8
Max Crew Capacity 2 Adults
Weight Capacity 518 lbs
Assembly Time ~10 mins


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Simple Assembly, Simple Sailing

The new MiniCat Guppy is based on our hugely popular MiniCat 310. MiniCat Guppy is engineered for the simplest and speediest assembly possible. With floats pre-fixed to the frame, the set-up takes just 10 minutes from start to finish. The Guppy is also exceptionally light and with grab-handles on the trampoline, it's simple to move!

Setup is easy! Click here to watch the full MiniCat GUPPY setup video.

Boat Capabilities

MiniCat Guppy

Max Crew Capacity
2 People
Max Carry Capacity
518 lbs
Capsize Resistance
Lakes & Bays
Beaufort Rating

Engineered for Simple Fun

The MiniCat Guppy is the smallest and simplest sailboat in the MiniCat range. The Guppy is a great trainer for beginners and small families. Teach your kids how to sail on this low stress boat so they fall in love with the sport forever! The Guppy is ready to sail after about 10 minutes of easy assembly, the perfect yacht or beach toy for anyone!

MiniCat Guppy Top Image 1 2 3

Lightweight mast can be stepped with just one hand.


Fully battened square top dacron mainsail for maximum performance and a long life. The mainsail is also boomless for worry-free sailing.


Trampoline is pre-laced and attached to both hulls for a "unroll and inflate" method for lightning fast assembly.

Not the right portable sailboat for you? Let’s find your perfect boat.

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MiniCat Guppy Features & Benefits

The MiniCat Guppy is a combination of over a decade of experience and the idea of making sailing more accessible. The Guppy is one of the least expensive sailboats on the market and it packs a wallop in terms of value.

MiniCat Guppy Easy Setup Image

Easy Setup

The Guppy comes mostly pre-assembled right out of the bag (also check out our Spare Minicat Boat Bag.) Simply inflate the hulls, install the center bar and put up the mast, most motivated sailors can do this in about 10 minutes! Wheeled storage bag grants you the freedom to build your Guppy close to the water.

Minicat Guppy Keels Image


MiniCat is the only inflatable sailboat that uses keels. This keeps the draft low, and makes sailing very simple with no pesky centerboards to get hung up on weeds or drag bottom in shallow areas. Guppy keels were designed by Tomas Bata University in the Czech Republic to be made out of 100% recycled plastic. Better for the environment, and they float!

MiniCat Guppy Mainsail Image

Fully Battened Square-top Mainsail

The square-top mainsail provides this little cat with more than enough power to have a fun day on the water. Fully battened with fiberglass battens provides great sail shape, even in light winds. Some Guppy sailors have reported surfing waves up to 12 knots, but average reaching speeds of 8 knots have been seen.

MiniCat Guppy Hull Image

Heytex 5509 PVC

All MiniCats, including the Guppy, have hulls made in Germany with Heytex 5509 PVC. This is top shelf PVC and has an extended life expectancy of typical boat PVC. This boat fabric is no different than other PVC with regards to repair. It is easily repairable by an amateur, so no more expensive boat yard repair bills!

MiniCat Guppy Lightweight Frame Image

Powder Coated Lightweight Frame

MiniCats are built with lightweight aluminum frames that have been powder coated using techniques that are time tested and durable. The rugged, long-lasting frame uses the lightest weight materials for both transport ease and sailing performance.

MiniCat Guppy Boomless Main Image

Boomless Main

The Guppy’s boomless main design provides for worry-free sailing with children or novice sailors. No worries about getting bonked in the head by a hard boom.

MiniCat Guppy Trampoline Image

Ergonomic Trampoline

The Guppy’s trampoline has plenty of handles and tiedown points so you can stash gear to bring along. There are also two hiking straps so any sailor, short or tall, can comfortably and easily hike out.

MiniCat Guppy Fun for Kids Image

Fun for Kids & Adults

The Guppy is a fantastic value and is a great way for parents or grandparents to teach sailing to small children. Because the Guppy is stable and lightweight, it can even be be sailed solo by kids without being overpowered. Some customers have even had their own regattas by buying multiple Guppys and match racing them.

MiniCat Guppy Additional Equipment Image

Additional Equipment

MiniCat has a comprehensive catalog of accessories for their boats. From front trampolines to motor mounts, there is a way to spice up your next adventure!

MiniCat Guppy Techincal Specs

Boat Specifications
Overall Length9' 10"
Overall Width4' 11"
Mast Height12' 11.5"
Total Weight57.3 lbs
Crew Size1 — 2 People
Carrying Weight518 lbs
Sail Area42 ft2
Packing & Assembly Specifications
Bag Sizes 5' 5” x 1' x 1'
Setup/Rigging Time10 mins
Trailer NeededNo
MiniCat Accessories



Pumping up a MiniCat is absolutely possible with the included hand pump, but Red Beard prefers letting technology do the work for him.



The Deluxe Inflator Pump is the perfect companion for MiniCat boats. These boats need a lot of air to fully inflate, doing that by hand is a chore and is much slower than using this automatic pump. Hook the pump up to a 12v source and set the dial to the pressure needed (.25 BAR / 3.7 psi) and press the ‘On’ button. The 2-stage pump will start to inflate with its high volume stage, then click to the high pressure stage and automatically stop when the proper pressure is reached.


  • 2-stage pump for fast and accurate inflation
  • Lightweight and easy storage in included storage bag
  • Fits the MiniCat inflation valve (use the MiniCat hand pump gasket for a perfect seal)
  • Work on other assembly procedures while the hulls are inflating to shorten assembly time

Accessory Kit Includes:
Bravo BTP 12 Deluxe Inflator Pumps, 1 Soft Carry Bag with Shoulder Strap, Assorted Adapters Including Halkey-Roberts Adapter, Alligator Clamps for Attaching to Battery or Battery Pack, 1 Year Warranty Serviced by West Marine.

Deluxe Inflator Pump Image

Additional Accessories

MiniCat has been at this for over a decade and after thousands of boats sold they have created the largest selection of accessories of any inflatable sailboat manufacturer. With a large selection comes a bit of confusion about what accessories you need and what accessories you don’t. The last thing Red Beard wants is for you to buy something you will never use!

Front Trampoline Product

Front Trampoline

The Front Trampoline for the MiniCat models are fantastic. They cut down on spray, and instead of being just a netting, it is shaped like a bag. A great storage option that’ll keep the main trampoline uncluttered!

Takacat Inflator Product

Takacat Volume Inflator

This fast and easy battery-operated inflation pump is easy to use, smaller than a soda can, and has a built-in battery that will run the pump for a total of 45 minutes. It will work with any boat that uses a Halkey-Roberts valve. The pump fills most of the air volume in the chambers, so you only need to top up the pressure with a hand or foot pump (usually included with your inflatable boat).

Wind Vane Product

Wind Vane

A great tool for sailors who prefer a wind indicator at the top of the mast. Points to your apparent wind direction while underway so you know what point of sail you are on.

Telescopic Paddle Product

Telescopic Paddle

This paddles takes up a little more room than a shoe box, but is nice to paddle the boat along. The MiniCat boats are all very lightweight and move very nicely under paddle.

Boat Cover Product

Protective Boat Cover

This is for those who want to leave their MiniCat assembled for weeks or months at a time. It’s good at keeping sunlight exposure at a minimum, or for keeping the bird poop off of your trampoline. Red Beard recommends tying down or weighing down the boat to prevent the wind knocking the boat over.

Float Support Product

Float Support (Pair)

These supports are used when storing the boat assembled for longer periods of time. The keels of the boat are supported by tabs glued to the hulls, supporting weight for extended periods of time can result in damage to those tabs or keels. Sure, you can use a log or 4x4 lumber, but these supports fit in the storage bag with the boat.


Spare MiniCat Guppy Boat Bag

This is an extra MiniCat Guppy boat bag. Some customers prefer to store the parts in two bags to make each bag lighter and to carry other gear such as PFDs as well as other safety gear.




For the times when the wind dies down, or when you want to use your MiniCat as a tender, it’s easy to add an outboard motor. Lower the outboard into the water, press the power button and off you go. To use the Minicat as a tender we recommend a motor up to 3 hp with a long shaft (20” or longer) like the EP Carry Motor or Torqeedo 1103CL below.

EP Carry Electric Outboard Motor Image

EP Carry Electric Outboard Motor


The MiniCat is very easily pushed along by a simple paddle, but to make way against wind, waves and currents, sometimes it is necessary to use a small outboard. The Electric Paddle is lightweight, waterproof and a great value. This motor can even be charged via solar while underway for an extended range! The EP Carry is the motor that Red Beard recommends for all MiniCats.


  • Only 21 lbs including battery.
  • Available in three shaft lengths. Long is recommended.
  • The easiest motor to lift, mount, and operate on a transport dinghy due to its compact size.
  • Efficient battery charges quickly and gives you plenty of range to get out and back without breaking a sweat.

Kit Includes:
One long shaft motor, Soft motor carry bag with shoulder strap, 5-hour smart charger, Lock and key for security, Buoyant lithium battery in a drybag, and a 2-Year warranty.

Additional Compatible Outboards

Sometimes the motor we recommend isn’t the best for everyone’s particular needs or situation. Please check out these other motors for alternatives to our above recommendation.

Outboard Product

Torqeedo 1103CL

This 3HP equivalent outboard is more powerful than the EP Carry, but it comes at a higher price point.


Resources & Support

Warranty & Registration
Assembly Information

Minicat Warranty

Full 24-month warranty for defects in material or workmanship. Contact Red Beard Sailing or the dealer you purchased from to file a warranty claim. Be sure to fill out the warranty registration from in the back of your Owner’s Manual and email it to us or directly to MiniCat to activate your warranty.

Assembly Video

Don’t see what you need? We carry a full line of MiniCat, and other sailing accessories for your next adventure.