Astus 22.5 Sailing Trimaran

Fast, Easy & Fun For The Whole Family!

Astus Makes Owning A Small Tri Easy.
Here's How:

Cheaper Dockage

The Astus 22.5 has telescopic beams which means that it can easily be collapsed to a narrower width. This makes finding a slip or moorage both easy and affordable. The bottoms of the hulls stay the bottom of the hulls when folded, unlike Corsair's folding design, so you needn't worry about a scum line after being left in the water while folded.

Many marinas have shallow, close to shore, slips available at discount as they are hard to rent. The Astus 22.5 can easily be docked at a slip suited for a boat as small as a J22!

Safety First

Trimarans are very stable boats making it less likely for crew to trip or fall.

The Astus 22.5 is unsinkable with multiple buoyant chambers.

The 22.5 is a coastal weekender or daysailer that is ready to make memories that will last a lifetime without the risks involved with sailing a monohull or catamaran!

Performance Focused

Trimarans are fast. The Astus 22.5 is designed and built to make it fast and responsive. With a centerboard and artisanally designed chines, this boat is designed to be driven hard on any point of sail and canvassed to provide all the power you could need to beat the weather or your fellow club mates.

Easy to Transport

The Astus 22.5 is both lightweight and easy to collapse which makes this boat a dream to transport.

You can tow this boat with a Subaru Outback and many other small vehicles! The featherweight vacuum construction of the boat will allow this boat to be pulled by even the lightest weight cars on the road. The amas can be collapsed with 1 person, on the water, in only a few minutes and without any tools!

Easy to Rig

The French are at the bleeding edge of quality and technology in the sailing industry. In addition to this, they are also not known for being the biggest statured people, on average. This means Astus needed to design an easy way to step the mast and with an optional mast stepping rig, you can easily step the mast of this boat (on land or on water) with only 1 person in no time flat!

Fun for the Whole Family

The biggest issue with a small sailboat is small, there's no room for kids to be kids. The Astus 22.5 solves this problem with its more than 300 square feet of deck area! In addition to the large deck space, there is a small cabin capable of sleeping a family of 4 if needed or for the kids to escape the elements on an overly sunny or rainy day.

SpecsAstus 22.5
Length Overall22 ft 7 in
Beam Folded8 ft 3 in
Beam Unfolded15 ft 5 in
Max Capacity1500 lbs
Mainsail Sail Area226 sqft
Jib Sail Area97 sqft
Gennaker Sail Area344 sqft
European Safety RatingC - 5 people / D - 7 People
Displacement1587 lbs
Draft13 in (Board Up) / 55 in (Board Down)
Mast Height29 ft 6 in
Max Outboard HP9.9 hp

What Are the Members of the Press Saying?

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Astus 22.5 Sailing Trimaran
Astus 22.5 Sailing Trimaran

Astus 22.5 Sailing Trimaran

$ 69,900.00

The Astus 22.5, designed by legendary French design firm VPLP, is the most fun packed performance sailing trimaran under 30'!


Whether you choose to fit is as a leisure day boat, a lightweight racer or a family coastal camper you can be sure that you will be getting the most bang for your buck possible!


With enough capacity to carry and sleep a family as well as being small and easily manageable by even novice sailors, the 22.5 is the best option to scratch that sailing itch!

Shipping is not included in the price of this boat. Estimated shipping to anywhere in the USA is $5000-9000. Call to get your quote today! 410-705-5026

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The options and accessories below are sure improve and enhance your time on the water!

Asymmetric Spinnaker on bowsprit
Asymmetric Spinnaker on bowsprit

Asymmetric Spinnaker on bowsprit

$ 3,550.00
Sport gennaker on bowsprit with furler
Sport gennaker on bowsprit with furler

Sport gennaker on bowsprit with furler

$ 4,250.00
Liesure gennaker and furler
Liesure gennaker and furler

Liesure gennaker and furler

$ 3,750.00

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