Astus 14.5 Proa / Trimaran
Astus 14.5 Proa / Trimaran

Astus 14.5 Proa / Trimaran

$ 7,700.00
This awesome tacking proa style boat is a fantastic solo sailor to enjoy the sport of sailing! Easily expanded to become a proper trimaran, this little zippy boat is sure to provide countless hours of fun in the sun!

Astus 14.5 Key Features

Easy to Transport

The Astus 14.5 was designed with ease of transport as the principal design feature. One person can easily carry the individual pieces and the boat fits nicely on the roof of any car!

Trimaran or Proa Options

The Astus 14.5 can either be rigged as a fun and sporty Proa or as a stable Trimaran. This gives you the flexibility to sail how you want. Proas are not common and can be tricky to sail, but the rewards are great! If you want to just to fast and not have to think about it, then the trimaran configuration is for you.


Multihull boats are traditionally less tippy than their monohull brethren. The issue is that most small multihulls are catamarans which can be slow on some points of sail and can send you flying after a pitchpole. The Astus trimaran is very stable and will reward a good sailor without penalizing newcomers in the sport. 

Performance for Days

VPLP is the famed designer of boats like Gunboat and many Americas Cup boats, they don't design poor sailing boats. The spec for the Astus 14.5 was small, portable and fun. They nailed the small and portable, but after our first sail we realized that "fun" was the biggest feature of this boat!

Lightning Fast Assembly

With an unstayed rig and easy to insert beams, this boat can be assembled by any one person in 10 minutes or less! Some customers have bragged that it takes them less than 5 minutes! 

Perfectly Sized for One or Two

This boat isn't meant to cross any oceans, but if you are looking for a boat that will entertain a parent (or grandparent) and a child, this boat is perfect! It will be hard to find a boat that is more fun for an afternoon sail than this little tri (or proa).

SpecsAstus 14.5
Length14 ft 3 in
Beam Proa5 ft 3 in
Beam Trimaran7 ft 10 in
Max Capacity290 lbs
Mainsail Sail Area54 sqft
Jib Sail AreaN/A
Gennaker Sail Area43 sqft
European Safety RatingCategory D
Center Hull Weight55 lbs
Ama Weight (each)15 lbs
Mast Height16 ft


The options and accessories below are sure improve and enhance your time on the water!

Collapsible Dolly
Collapsible Dolly

Collapsible Dolly

Facilitates easy transportation of a fully loaded boat ashore, by-passing of major waterway obstructions, i. e. power-stations
Placed on the trolley, with the boats centre of mass well balanced, the trolley can be pulled or pushed with ease.


  • Small folding aluminium frame
  • folding support leg
  • sea-water-fit anodised
  • detachable air-tyre wheels 3.00-4 (260 x 85)
  • limitation strap
  • antislip pads
  • incl. packsack

Packing dims.: 69 x 32 x 8 cm
Weight: 4 kg
Max. load: 80 kg

$ 185.00
Astus 14.5 Optional Side Stays
Astus 14.5 Optional Side Stays

Astus 14.5 Optional Side Stays

This is one rigging kit for the Astus 14.5. This kit includes all required stays to stiffen the normally unstayed rig to provide more stability and rigidity. This will increase the performance of the Astus 14.5 but will add a short amount of time to assembly.
$ 125.00
Astus 14.5 Jib on Furler
Astus 14.5 Jib on Furler

Astus 14.5 Jib on Furler

This is for one (1) 54 sqft jib on a furler and all required rigging to mount it to an Astus 14.5.
$ 1,100.00
Astus 14.5 Trimaran Upgrade Kit
Astus 14.5 Trimaran Upgrade Kit

Astus 14.5 Trimaran Upgrade Kit

This kit includes all parts required to convert the Astus 14.5 from a tacking proa to a proper trimaran.


Included in this kit:

1 - Ama (hull)

2 - Long Akas (beam)

1 - Trampoline

$ 1,200.00
Astus 14.5 Sailing with child