Inflatable Boat Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Inflatable Boat Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

The inflatable boat accessories we carry at Red Beard Sailing are designed to add safety, convenience, and comfort to your boating excursion. Before you go out on the water, check out these accessories below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, feel free to contact us. We can help you get the right supplies and equipment for your inflatable boat.

Inflatable Boat Transport

Redbeard Sailing Transport Trolley

One of the best things about inflatable boats is that they are easy to transport. Whether you are transporting your boat in your truck, SUV, or RV, accessories can help you get the boat to the water easier. 

Transport Trolley

A trolley can transport your boat or related items from your vehicle to the water. Most trolleys can be folded and placed in a car trunk. It is the perfect transport for just about any type of inflatable boat.

Trolley Wheels

Rubber trolley wheels are a popular choice for boat owners. They allow you to easily launch your boat, transport it short distances and protect your boat from abrasives. Wheels are rated for up to 300 lbs, making them highly durable. 


Inflatable Boat Storage

Boat Storage

When storing your inflatable boat, you need to protect your boat from the outside elements, including sunlight, extreme temperatures, and severe weather.

Full Boat Covers

If you plan to leave your boat assembled outdoors, you can protect it from the sun with a UV protective cover. The cover will also protect your boat from bird droppings, sea spray, and heat expansion. 

Protective Rudder Cover

A rudder can get damaged during storage or transport. Cuts and scratches add up over time. The best way to protect the rudder is by using a rudder cover. A cover is easy to slide on and attach. 

Two-Bag Storage

Many inflatable boats come with a single bag that holds the boat and a few accessories. However, one bag may be too heavy. Opt for a twin bag storage set if you want to lighten the load. You can divide the load into both bags, making it easier to load and unload the inflatable boat.

Onboard Boat Storage

Onboard storage

Whether you have a MiniCat, XCAT, or Takacat, you may need extra space for your trip. Certain boat designs allow you to add accessories that store more cargo


You can add a trampoline across the front of the boat. The trampoline provides plenty of room for additional supplies and cargo. It is sturdy enough to handle a few heavier items with a maximum of 44 pounds. It’s perfect to create more legroom in the main boat area.

Tie-Down Straps

Whether securing your boat to your vehicle or securing your cargo to your boat, you can never have too many tie-down straps. Straps are resilient enough to keep your stuff intact even in rugged environments. Best of all, you choose from a wide range of straps for almost any application.




A sturdy and well-designed paddle can improve your performance on the water. 

Telescopic Paddle

A telescopic paddle is lightweight with an aluminum shaft. You adjust the paddle to your desired length with a quick twist of the handle. The locking device ensures that the handle stays in place while paddling.


Inflatable Boat Hardware


It’s always good to have some additional hardware stored in your shed or vehicle if you need to replace a worn-out piece. Some of the hardware we suggest for your inflatable boat include.


Shackles connect rigging systems on your boat. They make it easier to connect or disconnect your rigging components. They are the piece of metal you use with a locking mechanism in locks. You may want to upgrade to forged shackles, which are more durable and easier to use. 

Mainsheet Block

The mainsheet tackle includes blocks, shackles, swivels, and attachment hardware to trim and shape the mainsail more easily. A mainsheet block upgrade helps you control the sail with greater efficiency. Plus, a high-quality block is far more reliable than a stock block.

Boat Anchor

When shopping for inflatable boat accessories, don’t forget the anchor! Choose a stainless steel anchor that won’t rust in the water. Also, make sure you get an anchor line that is long enough for anchoring in waist-deep water. An anchor gives you peace-of-mind knowing that your boat will not float away while camping for the night, stopping for lunch or even taking a break for a swim to cool off.


Outboard Accessories

outboard mount

If you plan to use an outboard motor with your inflatable boat, you will need some accessories that make your motor safer and improve its versatility.

Outboard Mount

Some inflatable boats we carry have an outboard motor design so that you can attach a motor to your inflatable boat and enjoy a faster speed on the water. When attaching the motor, make sure you have a reliable outboard mount that can support the motor.


Comfort and Convenience

Inflatable Seats

If safety is your primary concern when boating, comfort should be a close second. The right boating accessories will make your trip more enjoyable.

Inflatable Seats

Comfort starts by having the right seat that helps you relax instead of feeling discomfort or pain. When it comes to inflatable seats, there is no shortage of options that fit perfectly on your boat and cover your desired seating area. When choosing seats, make sure you buy a product that properly attaches to your type of inflatable boat.

Fishing Rod Holders

A set of rod holders keeps your rods off the boat. Holders are always ready for use. If you fish alone, a set of rod holders will enable you to fish with more than one rod, which means more lines in the water and more fish caught.

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