5 Advantages of Owning an Inflatable Catamaran

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5 Advantages of Owning an Inflatable Catamaran

Surfers have their boards, divers have their platforms, and sailors have their boats. As a water enthusiast, there is an array of ways you can leave the land behind. If boating is your thing, you can get on the water faster, and with much less of an investment, with an inflatable catamaran. Inflatable catamarans provide an affordable and versatile way to enjoy the outdoors. They're incredibly portable, easy to store, durable, and are perfect for beginners and experienced boat enthusiasts.

5 Advantages of Owning an Inflatable Catamaran

1) Portability

Even if you drive a small car, you can still get your catamaran to the water. One of the most commuter-friendly features of inflatable catamarans is their portability. They easily and quickly collapse and store into one or two bags, making them incredibly travel-friendly.

Whether you're planning a weekend getaway or a summer road trip, you won't need a boat trailer for towing. Plus, once you arrive, it's quick to get going as you won't need a ramp to get your boat into the water. Inflatables offer a quick set up and breakdown.

MiniCat Bags

2) Easy, Low-Cost Storage

Not having ample storage space at home keeps many people from diving into boat ownership. People who live in small homes or apartments may not have the space to keep a sailboat. Furthermore, the cost of renting a boat slip adds up over time. Being able to pack an inflatable catamaran into one or two bags makes it convenient to store in a closet or the garage.

3) Affordability

The starting price for many non-inflatable boats is well over $10,000, and that doesn't include the cost of owning a trailer or a boat slip. The cost of some luxury boats can reach as high as you can imagine — $200,000 or more. With an inflatable catamaran, what you save on cost you can spend on experience. The versatile Takacat starts at $1,790, while other brands, such as MiniCat and Happy Cat, have entry points at $3,300 and $7,450 respectively. and do not require a boat slip or a trailer. The range of prices varies depending on the model and accessories, allowing you to create a fully customizable boating experience.

4) Durability

If you hear the word inflatable, it might bring about the perception of poor build quality. Several inflatable boats on the market use high-quality PVC and synthetic rubber. These materials provide excellent and reliable durability.

In addition to the materials, the way these boats are stored helps maintain their durability. Because they are kept in bags and not out in the elements, they don't require the same amount of time and maintenance as non-inflatable boats. You won't be scraping off barnacles or painting your inflatable catamaran to keep your vessel in tip-top shape.

5) Versatility

Whether you're an expert or a beginner, inflatable catamarans are capable of meeting your needs, as they are built for boaters of all experience levels. The versatility of their design makes it easy to adapt to different setups, including options to row or use an outboard on boats like the Takacat Lite X.

Not everyone with a love for boating has access to the ocean or a sprawling lake. The specialized hull design makes these boats ideal for navigating more diverse bodies of water, including shallow reefs, estuaries, and even inlets. Their versatility makes boating much more accessible to interested people and families.

See yourself on the water in your own inflatable catamaran. Shop now for your next adventure.

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