Takacat LX Hypalon / CSM

$ 3,790.00

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The Hypalon / CSM (Polyethylene Synthetic Rubber) material is a UV stabilized material that is made to last decades of use in perpetual sunlight. The material is vulcanized which means it is more durable than PVC.

The air deck floor used in the center of the Takacat boat is not able to be made of Hypalon, but it is completely enveloped in our non-skid material that has proven itself to be significantly more UV resistant than normal PVC, we don't view this as a weak point to using Hypalon to make the Takacat "Sun-proof!"

In addition to the advantages that Hypalon provides, you still get all of the other amazing features of the Takacat LX:

  • Catamaran tunnel hull design
  • Open bow for easy entry from water
  • Open transom prevents swamping and wet feet / cargo
  • One-seam construction - fewer weak point make for a longer service life
  • Removable transom allows for smaller packed size

Takacat Lite X can be assembled in 15 minutes or less, depending on the size of your air pump. We recommend the Deluxe Inflator Pump.

Hypalon boats are not stocked in large quantities. We can order them and they do take 8-9 weeks to be produced and shipped. We charge $300 for shipping Hypalon special order boats as they are shipped directly from the factory. The best bet is to call 410-925-7701 or email redbeard@redbeardsailing.com with your boat and accessory selection and we will generate a custom invoice.

Takacat LX is also available in Color PVC and Gray PVC

Technical Specs

  • 260 LX
  • Overall Length: 8’ 6”
  • Width: 5’ 1”
  • Total Weight: 55lbs
  • Rec. Outboard: 2.5-6HP
  • Max HP: 8HP
  • Capacity: 3 people or 793lbs
  • 300 LX
  • Overall Length: 9’ 10”
  • Width: 5’ 1”
  • Total Weight: 66lbs
  • Rec. Outboard: 2.5-8HP
  • Max HP: 10HP
  • Capacity: 4 people or 809lbs
  • 340 LX
  • Overall Length: 11’ 2”
  • Width: 5’ 5”
  • Total Weight: 79 lbs
  • Rec. Outboard: 2.5-10HP
  • Max HP: 15HP
  • Capacity: 5 people or 1,135lbs
  • 380 LX
  • Overall Length: 12’ 5”
  • Width: 5’ 5”
  • Total Weight: 92lbs
  • Rec. Outboard: 6-15HP
  • Max HP: 20HP
  • Capacity: 6 people or 1,410lbs
  • 420 LX
  • Overall Length: 13’ 9”
  • Width: 6’ 1”
  • Total Weight: 111lbs
  • Rec. Outboard: 15HP
  • Max HP: 25HP
  • Capacity: 7 people or 1,576lbs

Takacat LX Hypalon / CSM