Takacat Lite X

$ 1,790.00

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The innovative Takacat Lite X is the latest in catamaran dinghy design. These inflatable dinghies are feature rich:

  • Catamaran tunnel hull design
  • Open bow for easy entry from water
  • Open transom prevents swamping and wet feet / cargo
  • One-seam construction - fewer weak point make for a longer service life
  • Removable transom allows for smaller packed size

Takacat Lite X can be assembled in 15 minutes or less, depending on the size of your air pump. We recommend the Deluxe Inflator Pump.


Please see size chart below to choose which model suits you best!


Technical Specs

  • Overall Length T260LX: 8' 6"
    T300LX: 9' 10"
    T340LX: 11' 2"
    T380LX 12' 6"
    T420LX 13' 9"
  • Overall Width T260LX: 4' 11"
    T300LX: 4' 11"
    T340LX: 5' 5"
    T380LX 5' 5"
    T420LX 6'
  • Tube Diameter T260LX: 18.8in
    T300LX: 18.8in
    T340LX: 18.8in
    T380LX 18.8in
    T420LX 21.6in
  • Weigth T260LX: 55lbs
    T300LX: 66lbs
    T340LX: 79lbs
    T380LX 92.5lbs
    T420LX 110lbs
  • Max HP T260LX: 8HP
    T300LX: 10HP
    T340LX: 15HP
    T380LX 20HP
    T420LX 25HP
  • Recommended HP T260LX: 2.5-6HP
    T300LX: 2.5-8HP
    T340LX: 2.5-10HP
    T380LX 6-15HP
    T420LX 15HP
  • Capacity T260LX: 3 people or 793lbs
    T300LX: 4 people or 809lbs
    T340LX: 5 people or 1,135lbs
    T380LX 6 people or 1,410lbs
    T420LX 7 people or 1,576lbs