ROWonAIR Slider 485

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A high sided inflatable rowing board designed for dry multi person rowing performance. Long and narrow, the ROWonAIR Slider 485 is a perfect fit for 1-3 people. Easily stowed away and comes with 2 seats, 2 seatpads, 2 footrests, backpack, footrest, fin, strap, and pump.



When purchasing with the RowVista forward facing rowing system, you will select "No Oars" in the Oars drop down box.



Technical Specs

  • Technical Specs
  • Length 16'
  • Width 34"
  • Height 15"
  • Weight 48lbs
  • Carrying Capacity 55lbs
  • Passengers 1-3
  • Inflate Time Less than 6 minutes