High-Pressure Electric Pump

    • This High-Pressure Pump is the perfect affordable solution for quickly inflating your CaribeSUP boards. Hook it up to any 12 volt outlet and it provides up to 15 psi air pressure.

    • What's in the box?:

      1x 12V Pump assembly w/ fittings, hose, and 12v plug.

    • Specs:

      • It’s easy to know exactly what pressure you have with the built-in digital gauge
      • Adjustable auto-shutoff stops the pump once a selected pressure is reached
      • Inflate your CaribeSUP boards from any vehicle or boat
      • Heavy-duty extension hose with high-pressure valve fitting for reliable high-pressure use
      • 12-volt plug powers the pump from your vehicle outlets
      • Unit select button lets you choose from psi, KPA or mbar
      • 1-year limited warranty
    • We include free shipping for all of continental US.
$ 75.00