Happy Cat Evolution (NEW IN BOX)
Happy Cat

Happy Cat Evolution (NEW IN BOX)


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The middle sized sailboat in the Grabner sailboat family, the Evolution boasts a fast 40 minute assembly and a blast to sail. It packs down into 3 bags making it portable enough for you to take on a family vacation or just a trip to your local beach/lake. Due to the retractable centerboard, the Happy Cats point upwind very effectively. This gives you the best of both worlds - it points like a monohull and reaches like a beach cat. 

Check out this video of the Evolution in action. 

This boat is in stock and ready to ship! This was ordered as a special discount promotion from the factory but is still NEW IN BOX.


Boat Specifications

Overall Length 15' 3"

Overall Width 7' 3"

Mast Height 20'

Weight 174 lbs

Max. Crew Capacity 4 adults

Max Carry Capacity 1102 lbs

Hull Material: Rubber

- Includes 2 bags for the metal frame and mast sections
- Includes 1 bag for the inflatable hulls
- Includes sail bag for jib and main 
- Free shipping

Customize your Evolution by selecting from the available accessories on our site. Follow that link and scroll to the bottom to see available accessories.