Gennaker for Hurricane and Evolution

$ 1,200.00

The gennaker is an asymmetrical, triangular light sail, side onshore and sideshore wind increase the sailing speed by about 30%. The ideal area of use is on large waters at light winds from 1 to 3 Beaufort.

For the following Grabner sailboats: Happy Cat Evolution and Hurricane.

The set consists of the sail, cable, halyards, mast sleeve, blocks and deflection pulleys. 4 deflection pulleys must be shackled onto the frame. (Parts included)
To store the gennaker on the boat, we recommend the foredeck and bow mesh net or the gennaker snuffer.

Sail Area: 11 m²
Weight: 2 kg

With two people on board (helmsman and bowman) Gennaker handling is easier. Practice raising, recovering and trimming before use.