Deluxe Inflation Pump

$ 149.00

This fully automatic 15.7 CFM 2 stage inflation pump is perfect for your MiniCat, Happy Cat, ROWonAIR or Takacat boat! This is the big brother to the Speedy Inflation Pump, however, this pump seems to be more accurate and has a built in pressure gauge. 

Stops automatically when full pressure is reached: Simply set the dial for the pressure required, the pump automatically stops when your pre-selected pressure is reached.

Includes a built-in precision pressure gauge, a 5'7" flexible tube and 9'10" power cord with alligator clips to attach to 12V battery power source (we use a jump box for starting cars). Complete with a handy shoulder bag and multi-diameter adapter set to fit a wide range of inflatables. Max amp draw of 20A @12V. Maximum air pressure of 14.5psi (1 BAR)


  • Voltage: 12V DC
  • Max. Pressure: 14.5psi (1 BAR)
  • Power Connection: Alligator clips for 12V car battery
  • Power Cord: 9'10'
  • Amperage: 20A