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An Outdoorsman's Dream

Whether your an avid fisherman, camper, or thirst for exploration and adventure, the Takacat is the boat of your dreams! Easily transportable, a one-of-a-kind Open Transom design, and the ability to be rowed or powered by an outboard, the Takacat is one of the most versatile inflatable catamarans on the market.

Takacat Inflatable Catamaran

True Portability

Takacat's innovative catamaran hull design and revolutionary removable open transom allows for a more efficient and compact deflation of the boats inflatable tubes. Making the Takacat significantly lighter and smaller than its competitors. This is a big advantage when it comes to handling, transportation and or storage in the motorhome, portable boat or tender markets.

Quick release wheel system

Takacat's new quick release wheel system (QRW) is part of the all-new, completely removable transom. QRW provides the ability to get your Takacat inflatable boat to and from the water with minimal effort. The ability to fit (QRW) simply and efficiently to your Takacat with no drilling or retrofitting of aftermarket wheels is key. A simple clip on and off system that doesn't affect the pack down size or weight of your inflatable boat tender. Tough pneumatic rubber tires provide the ability to get your Takacat to and from the water weather it's just up and down the beach or to and from your car or campsite.

Fun for the Whole Family

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Alex on a Boat

The Red Beard Story

To tell you about us, I need to start with when I was first introduced to sailing. My grandfather owned a Bristol 29 sailboat named “Bohemian”. That was the boat I grew up on. I spent many summer weeks out on that boat and my love of sailing started there.

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Open transom design

We often get asked if water flows back into the boat via the transom when transitioning from full throttle to stopped. Take a look at the below video to answer that question in the best way. A quick-drain transom is a big advantage and you won't find any faster than this. The ability to hold no water all but eliminated the chance of being swamped by a wave and capsized due to your boat being flooded. "In 2009 40% of all recreational boating deaths in the U.S. were the result of boats flooding, swamping or capsizing" -USCG 2014 Recreational Boating Statistics Report

Set-up to row

If you are into rowing your inflatable boat tender then you must check this out. If you are only going to be rowing, simply remove the top transom bar along with the outboard mounting plate and you have a very fast and fun rowing tender. This also provides a easy on off boarding system and great vision into the water. The Takacat comes with two seats so you can also position one right at the back for passengers. They track great as well!

"It's great to fish from and it also better to row than my Canoe!" Timo, South Island lake fisherman, New Zealand

Takacat Inflatable Catamaran