End of Year Sale Extravaganza!

Sale is running from 11/20/23 - 12/15/23*

In the pre-COVID times, we used to run an End of Year sale. Now that things have settled down a bit from the COVID years, we are happy to announce that we are restarting the End of Year sale this year! 

The End of Year Sales Extravaganza will run from November 11th through December 15th!

Below are 3 ways you can take part in the EOY Sale this year:

*Takacat Sale Period 11/24/23 - 11/27/23

Free Hiko Drybag With Any Purchase of $500+!


Some crazy guy here ordered too many of these awesome HIKO Drybags. These rugged little dry bags have built in clips for attaching to a paddle board or trampoline netting and have a bungee mesh on the front. This dry bag even has stowable backpack straps for those days you need a waterproof backpack!

No need to add it to your cart, it will be automatically included with your purchase if you spend $500 or more*

*Limited time offer. While supplies last.

Open Box / Warehouse Clearance Sale


Over the past few years our warehouse has become a total mess!

Help us clean up our act! 

We have open box boats and accessories all at extremely discounted prices to clear out our surplus of one-off items!

Explore Clearance Products


 Used Boats

The End of Year Extravaganza Sale

How It Works:

1. Contact Us - If you need help deciding on which boat is right for you, reach out to us via email or phone 410-705-5026 / inquiry@redbeardsailing.com and we can help get you on the right path!

2. Order Your Boat - We will send you a draft invoice via email or we can take your order over the phone. We are happy to help you pick which boat and accessories best suit your needs. If you know what you want, you can add your items to your cart and use the appropriate discount code(s) at checkout!

3. Get Excited - This winter you can watch all of the sailing / boating videos you can stomach and get ready for the 2024 boating season! 

4. Receive Your Boat - In early Spring* (late March, early April) you will receive a phone call or email from the Red Beard Sailing team to confirm your shipping address. Your boat will be dispatched from the Baltimore warehouse when it arrives to the USA.

5. Enjoy - Spend the whole season enjoying the heck out of your new boat! It will be all the sweeter of an experience knowing how much $$$ you saved! 

*If production get overburdened, there many be some delays in delivery, especially on the Astus brand boats. Call for more details.

Discount Codes:


MinicatFunFestival2022-_DSC1833_0317.jpg__PID:4e505ff6-ca26-443c-9abe-69577ba1e07cMiniCat Brand Overview

MiniCat Guppy
$400 off
Discount Code: GUPPYEOY

MiniCat 310
$500 off
Discount Code: 310EOY

MiniCat 420
$800 off
Discount Code: 420EOY

MiniCat 460
$1000 off
Discount Code: 460EOY

Shop MiniCat Boats

Happy Cat

MinicatFunFestival2022-_DSC1833_0317.jpg__PID:4e505ff6-ca26-443c-9abe-69577ba1e07cHappy Cat Brand Overview

Happy Cat Neo
$1000 off
Discount Code: NEOEOY

Happy Cat Evolution
$1250 off
Discount Code: EVOEOY

Happy Cat Hurricane

$1500 off

Shop Happy Cat Boats


XCAT KF3.jpeg__PID:8ee0069c-00a5-410c-92be-467d489f4803XCAT Brand Overview

10% off all XCAT boats and accessories
Discount Code: XCATEOY

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MinicatFunFestival2022-_DSC1833_0317.jpg__PID:4e505ff6-ca26-443c-9abe-69577ba1e07cROWonAIR Brand Overview

10% off all boards and rowing systems
Discount Code: ROAEOY

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MinicatFunFestival2022-_DSC1833_0317.jpg__PID:4e505ff6-ca26-443c-9abe-69577ba1e07cTakacat Brand Overview

20% off all Takacat boats and accessories

Takacat is also including a free UV Boat Cover ($189 value) and a free Scoprega GE21-1 Automatic Inflator ($200 value) with every boat sold during the sale period!*

Discount Code: TAKACATEOY

*While supplies last.
Takacat sale period valid only 11/24/23 - 11/27/23

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MinicatFunFestival2022-_DSC1833_0317.jpg__PID:4e505ff6-ca26-443c-9abe-69577ba1e07cAstus Brand Overview

Astus 16.5
$5,000 off

Astus 20.5
$7,500 off

Astus 22.5

$10,000 off

Contact us to order your new Astus sailboat!

Shop Astus Boats

Everyone and their mom is running some kind of Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale. Here's why this sale is different and why you should take advantage!

- Order the boat you want:
 Don't be caught in Spring of '24 waiting for a boat that is on backorder!

- 2023 Pricing for 2024 Model Boats:  Buying today means you are paying 2023 prices and not 2024 prices (prices are still on the rise)

- Big Savings: Because we deliver these boats in early Spring, we can combine many customer's orders and ship these boats to the USA on the slow boat. This means we can sweeten the pot with a big discount!

Orders for boats placed on this sale will be received in early 2024, around the end of March / early April. In exchange for this delay, we can provide these massive discounts!

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