XCAT Multi-Sport Catamaran

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The XCAT is the ultimate multi-sport catamaran. Sail, row, swim, and motor! This boat makes for the perfect all around family boat.

Go sailing on high wind days with the kids, convert it into a rowing catamaran for fun or to get in shape, or slap a trolling motor on it and take it out to your favorite fishing or swimming holes.

The XCAT is the most bang-for-your-buck sailboat in existence. No other boat offers this many functions and does each function well.

Use the below guide to help you select the right packages:

The Sailing package has everything you need to start harnessing the wind. Both sails and all the rigging are included. Also including the hiking straps and mast head float at no extra charge. To add the sailing package simply select “Yes” in the sailing section of the product page.


The XCAT can be rowed / ordered with 3 different setups. You can use your own oars (a lot of customers have Concept2 oars leftover from their younger years), you can use our oars, which are very high-quality carbon fiber hatchet style oars, or you can use our revolutionary, award-winning, forward facing RowVista system.


Many of our customers are going on longer treks and like having the added security of an electric outboard to get them to shore/safety/home at the flip of the wrist. We sell the Torqeedo Travel 503 with the XCAT as it is made in Germany and is IP67 rated to make it as waterproof as an iPhone 7!

NOTE: if you think you will EVER use an outboard, it is $500 cheaper to order your boat with the outboard bracket option. During production, the outboard bracket is welded on to the crossbar and anodized making it impossible to add on after your initial purchase unless you purchase a new crossbar.  To add the bracket to your order, choose the 'ob bracket w/o motor' option in the  Outboard drop down of the product page when you order your boat. 


Long Bag and Crossbar Wheel Bag are now included with every XCAT!

X-Cat RowVista

Row Forward

With traditional rowing, you are pulling the boat backwards, and you’re line of sight is in the opposite direction in which you are traveling. With RowVista, your are pulling the boat forwards, and your line of sight is forward, the direction you are headed, much like driving a car or operating a powerboat!


There are 250 worldwide patents for forward rowing, but RowVista is the only one to offer user-operated blade feathering. All 249 other patents either keep the paddle fixed in position causing resistance or attempt to automatically feather the blades, often resulting in extremely inefficient performance.

Technical Specs

  • LOA 16' 5"
  • BOA 7' 2"
  • Weight 165 lbs
  • Mast Height 14' 9"
  • Sail Area (Jib + Main) 90.5 ft2
  • Crew Size 1 - 3
  • Hull Material Extruded HDPE
  • Carrying Capacity (Crew + Gear) 551 lbs
  • Keel Type Knife Hulls
  • Trailer Needed? No
  • Can I add Row Motion or RowVista Later? Yes
  • MFG Beaufort Rating Up to BFT 8 (If you have the guts)
  • Novice Sailor Friendly? Yes

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XCAT Multi-Sport Catamaran