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An Innovative Tender

The Takacat T260LX is the perfect yacht tender and small personal craft—a lightweight and innovative dinghy. With it’s small size and portability the Takacat T260LX is the swiss army knife of portable inflatable boats. The T260LX provides easy boarding from the water and can be used for hassle-free access to clean the waterline of a larger vessel. With a sleek design, and featuring innovative Takacat advantages such as an open bow, catamaran hull design and the revolutionary Tube Transom®, the T260LX is often the most practical and envied dinghy in the anchorage. It also is a safe and comfortable fishing boat and has nearly limitless other uses. Possibility awaits you with this innovative and cutting-edge dinghy!

Expand the performance and capabilities of your Takacat T260LX by
exploring our full line of Takacat accessories.

For Sport series boats please call to purchase as we work to update our website to include them.

Boat Capabilities

Takacat T260LX

Max. Crew Capacity
3 Adults
Max. Weight Capacity
793 lbs
Rec. Outboard Engine
2.5 - 6 HP
Max HP
8 HP
ISO Standard
ISO 4892-3:2006
Anti-UV Grade Tested
4.5 out of 5
Draft Type
Heavy-Duty Under-Tube

Does the Takacat T260LX fit your water lifestyle? If not, let’s find your perfect boat.

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Takacat Features & Benefits

Years of research and development comes together in sleek lines, amazing stability, hardwearing performance, light weight, and superior portability in the Takacat LX Series.

Ultimate Portability Image

Ultimate Portability

The Takacat LX Series boats feature a revolutionary, and completely removable, Tube Transom®. The sleek and minimal Tube Transom® design makes the boat about 15 lbs lighter than traditional inflatable boats. Because the transom can be completely removed, Takacat packs down significantly smaller as compared to other inflatable boats. All Takacat boats can be packed small enough to be checked as baggage on a plane, thrown into bench seat storage, or tossed into an SUV trunk for a weekend adventure — no need for a trailer.

Stable Catamaran Design Image

Fast & Stable Catamaran Design for Ultimate Fun

The lightweight, low resistance design of Takacat boats provides quick and level planing, exceptional stability, and fuel economy. The low draft and buoyant inflatable catamaran construction allows for navigation through extremely shallow water and provides the ability to get further up on a beach or ramp before grounding the boat.

Tube Transom Image

Fast-Draining Removable Tube Transom®

The unique Tube Transom® design of Takacat combined with the fully open bow allows the deck to continuously drain. Fast and constant draining keeps the deck dry and prevents water from building up inside the boat, a great advantage when sensitive gear is on board or when towing.

Bold Colors Image

Make a Splash with Bold Colors

Takacat boats are now available in seven bold colors, including two camouflage options. Show your team colors, be more visible (or less), or add a bit of color and personality to your adventures. Takacat colors are available through authorized Takacat North America dealers.

Paddle Image

Takacat Boats Can be
Paddled or Outboard Powered

Lightweight, with a shallow draft, the Takacat LX Series boats move easily through the water whether they’re paddled or powered with an outboard. Due to the inflatable construction, the boat is efficient to power with an electric motor in electric-only lakes or reservoirs.

Takacat T260LX Techincal Specs

Boat Specifications
Overall Length8' 6"
Overall Width5' 1"
Tube Diameter19"
Total Weight55 lbs
Rec. Outboard Engine2.5 - 6 HP
Max HP8 HP
Capacity3 people / 793 lbs
Pack Down Dimensions
Hull Bag Dimensions37.5" x 14" x 14"
Transom Bag 35.5" x 14" x 10"
Tube Construction0.9mm, 1000 denier custom made PVC
Anti-UV Grade Tested 4.5 out of 5 | ISO 4892-3:2006
Stainless Steel (304) Tube Transom 2mm cross beams, 0.25mm side tubes
Motor mount 18mm marine plywood w/ durable waterproof paint
Transom Eye Bollt (316 Steel) 10mm thread
Standard Equipment
Tube Sets1
Tube Transom® Assembly 1
Inflatable Seat 1
Manual Pump With Gauge 1
Repair Kit (No Glue) 1
Oars 2
Carry Bags 2
Happy Cat Accessories



Takacat Deluxe Inflation Pump Product Image

Deluxe Inflation Pump

This BTP12 pump is the most popular and reliable automatic inflator pump on the market. It is reasonably priced and can be powered by your car battery via alligator clamps or a 12v cigarette lighter socket. To inflate closer to the water, we use a jump box used to jumpstart a car. We use a JNC 660, which can be found on Amazon for about $120.

Beach Wheels Product Image

Quick Release Beach Wheels

These wheels fit into the pre-installed brackets on the transom. They take seconds to install or flip around and store them in the upright position. It cantilevers the weight of the outboard and keeps the boat off the ground for launching on concrete or sharp beaches.

Rod Holders Product Image

Quick Release Rod Holders

This pair of rod holders install on the top transom bar. You can use them to store your rods, while trolling, for an umbrella for a little shade or to hold your white all-round navigation light on a pole.

Boat Cover Product Image

UV Boat Cover

Most Takacats are made of PVC, and PVC’s worst enemy is the sun’s damaging UV rays. This cover is fitted to the Takacat shape and even is large enough to cover the outboard. Using the drawstring, the cover wraps around the underside of the boat so it stays on, even in heavy wind.

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Takacat Volume Inflator Product Image

Takacat Volume Inflator

This fast and easy battery-operated inflation pump is easy to use, smaller than a soda can, and has a built-in battery that will run the pump for a total of 45 minutes. It will work with any boat that uses a Halkey-Roberts valve. The pump fills most of the air volume in the chambers, so you only need to top up the pressure with a hand or foot pump (usually included with your inflatable boat).

Takacat Outboards



The Takacat LX catamaran design means that you need less power to push these boats at the same speeds as flat and v-bottom boats. The realm of portability for outboards is in the 9.9 hp range and under: this is where the Takacat boats thrive. A 9.9 hp can push a Takacat up to 18 mph even with a couple people on board!

We have access to new Yamaha outboards from our local Yamaha partner and are expanding our service department to start refurbishing used outboards. Call to inquire about pricing and availability!

callout image

Lift the power and performance of your Takacat’s gas-powered outboard motor with a Permatrim Hydrofoil.

The catamaran design with a single, centralized outboard lends itself to ventilation on higher power outboards. This is more prevalent in the shorter models, but can be brought out on any of the Takacat boats. We have a remedy to this problem by way of another New Zealand product—Permatrim. This foil plate bolts to the cav plate (the little tongue that sticks out over the propeller) and does a good job of fixing cavitation issues. It also helps get the boat on plane quicker and easier, and reduces splashing from the transom when underway.

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Torqeedo Travel 1103 CS Motor Image

Torqeedo 1103 CS


For the ultimate portable setup, the 1103CS allows you to motor along at a top speed of 6 MPH, with the standard propeller. This motor requires very little maintenance and will never have a gummed up carburetor to ruin your adventure.


  • Only 38 lbs including battery
  • Whisper quiet operation with new direct drive system
  • Easy to manage and handle as the battery is integrated into the body of the motor, like a built in gas tank
  • The LCD display will give you current speed, battery capacity readings, remaining range and even error codes!

Kit Includes:
1 Short Shaft Motor, 1 AC Charger, 1 - 915 wh Lithium Battery, 1 Magnetic Kill Switch and a USB Charging Port Adapter (for charging your phone via the outboard battery).

Additional Compatible Outboards

We understand that the Torqeedo isn’t for everyone. Sometimes you need something simple to just get your ship to shore, the EP Carry is that motor.

Outboard Product

Electric Paddle EP Carry

This 1 hp equivalent outboard is the lightest weight (motor+battery=21lbs) electric outboard option on the market to get your Takacat moving!


Resources & Support

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What’s Included
Warranty & Registration
Brochures & Manuals
Assembly Information

What's Included

Warranty Information

Your boat includes:
3-Year Warranty against defects in the material or workmanship that affect usability.
2-Year Warranty against defects in the material or structure on all seams, parts and equipment.

Warranty Registration

Please complete the Warranty Registration form to register your Takacat’s warranty within 30 days of purchase. Please reference your owner’s manual for full warranty details. To register your boat, or to make a warranty claim, please Click Here.

Warranty Image

Some Brochure Info

Some Assembly Info

Some Reviews

Some FAQs