XCAT Demo Boat "Deviated Septum" (USED)

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This is our demo boat. This is a June of 2017 Model. If you have seen us at a boat show near you, this is that boat! There are approximately 1000 miles under the keels of this boat. It is in great mechanical shape, but sails are a little dirty and there are scuff and superficial scratches in the hulls. One of the hulls has a slightly smushed bow, which is why I have affectionately named her 'Deviated Septum'

This boat did an amazing job in the big weather we had at the 2018 Everglades Challenge. Here is my recount from that trip.

This sale will include:

  1. XCAT Boat w/ Sail Package ($8800)
  2. Hiking Seats ($455)
  3. Bow Mesh ($560)
  4. New 2018 Update Rudder Design ($180)
  5. Double Reef-able Main Sail ($250)
  6. Long Bar Bag ($95)
  7. Cross Bar Bag ($199)

This boat is available at double the savings offered by our End of Year Sale! Buy before 12/31/18 and I will include a free SUP Paddle  and Roof Rack Kit!