Reverso Air Buyer's Guide

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Reverso Air Buyer's Guide

Reverso Air is a next generation high performance sailing dinghy. The Reverso is the world's only performance nesting dinghy. If you follow this short buyer's guide you should be able to confidently purchase your new Reverso Air and be ready to be the talk of the town!


Reverso Air Planing

The Reverso Air is the newest performance dinghy on the market today. It has gotten many accolades including: Boat of the Year 2018 Nominee, Best Boat 2018 by SAIL Magazine, Audi Talent Awards for Design Excellence, and has been discussed and linked to in nearly every sailing community on the internet!


Cockpit mounted GPS Reverso Air Velocitek SpeedPuck

It is the only sailing dinghy, that we know of, that comes with a cockpit mounted Velocitek GPS – Standard! Everyone loves the GPS, you get instant feedback on sail trim and angle of sail while underway. This GPS has single-handedly made me a better sailor, I attribute this to the 5 P's of success: Perfect, Practice, Prevents, Poor, Performance. The keyword is Perfect, if you practice sailing with poor sail trim and wind angles, you will sail that way simply out of habit!


Picking the Right Accessories for You


Reverso is currently only offering the essentials in terms of accessories, but most people don't need every accessory to fully enjoy their new wind powered rocket ship. Let's go over each one and I'll make recommendations based on their application. They are listed in order of popularity.

Bonus: I will add in the accessories rumors at the bottom of this post, check back often as this post will be updated as new accessories are released for this amazing boat!


Centerboard / Rudder Bags

Mast & Rudder / Centerboard Bags – These are very high quality padded bags. The Mast Bag will store all 4 sections of the carbon fiber mast as well as both sections of the aluminum boom. The Rudder / Centerboard Bag is perfect for storing both the dagger board as well as the rudder. This bag is divided so these two parts don't rub when transporting or when in storage.

I would recommend these bags for: Every. Single. Reverso owner. These bags make loading the car infinitely easier. Imagine all you need to do to make sure you have everything you need to go sailing is: 4 hull sections, 1 sail bag, 2 white storage bags and a life jacket! With these bags I can have my truck loaded in less than 5 minutes, without the worry of forgetting the tiller at home (or anything that would ruin a planned sailing day).


Reverso on Dolly

Beach Dolly – The Beach Dolly is very awesome. It comes in a bag that looks closer to a bag for a camera tripod than a beach trailer for a sailboat! The trailer makes it very easy to launch the Reverso while keeping the bottom of the boat free of scratches from rocks or sand. If you are beach launching your Reverso, this is a must have!


Transport Pads Reverso Air

Transport Pads – These pads are nice for putting between the hull sections when storing and transporting and are also perfect for laying down on rough terrain for a scratch free surface on which to build your Reverso.


Reverso Deck Boat Bag

Boat Bag – We get a lot of questions about whether or not people want / need the Boat Bag. I would recommend the Boat Bag for storing your Reverso in a shed (to keep dirt and dust off of the boat, as well as keeping pests from turning your new dinghy into a Bed & Breakfast. The Boat Bag really shines on Yachts. The bag has tie down points so it can be stored on the fore deck of larger cruising boats or on the stern platform of larger yachts.


We do have a discounted accessory package if you want to buy ALL of the available accessories for the Reverso Air. You save $225 just for buying it all at once!


On the Horizon for Reverso Air Accessories


Reverso is actively working on many different accessories ranging from rod holders to added buoyancy for those looking to use this boat as a grocery-getter on their cruising boat.

Reverso Air with Outboard

Reverso is close to releasing an outboard mount that will close in the transom and allow a small outboard to be attached, this will greatly expand the utility of the Reverso Air.

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