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Not sure yet? Ask an Owner! powered by Experify



Here at Red Beard Sailing, it is safe to say we're pretty passionate about portable boats. Whether you're sailing, rowing, paddling, or going full speed with a powerboat, we want to spread the joy of being out there, enjoying the wind and the waves. Once our customers have had time with their new portable boat they find they also become passionate spokespeople for their boat.

We have partnered with Experify to offer a platform that allows us to connect prospective buyers to current owners! This tool will also allow us to start developing fleets in many parts of the country which is the foundation for social gatherings and even the dawn of racing and other events for these wonderful watercraft.

Together with Experify, you may reach out to existing, independent owners. Be it to ask a question or for a quick meet-up to see the boat in real-life. This is something we're excited about and encourage you to give it a try! You can find our Locals here. They are happy to answer any of your questions (don't worry they volunteered). The Experify system maintains conversation privacy, every response is candid and the owner's list is populated by verified owners. If you have any questions for us at Red Beard Sailing, please visit our contact us page.




So what's in it for the owners?

We're proud of our community and, of course, reward our Locals for taking the time. In addition to the opportunity to network and get to know other local boaters with similar boating goals, we also offer our thanks by way of awarding Locals with brand points each time they chat, call or meet up with someone. From branded swag, useful accessories or multiple awards that contribute towards saving the planet, the brand points give our Locals access to choose their exclusive rewards!


How do I become a Local?

Thank you for your shared passion for our boats. Help us spread the word on these amazing portable boats and share in the joy and passion that these boats let us enjoy. 

Click here to sign up to become a Red Beard Sailing Local!


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