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NATSEQ Kayak Pre-Order - Download the Spec Sheet

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NATSEQ Kayak Pre-Order - Download the Spec Sheet

Red Beard Sailing is proud to add another innovative boat to our fleet. Meet the NATSEQ, a modular kayak from Kayak Innovations.

Like many other boats in our fleet, this new addition offers versatility of use, portability, and fast assembly.

The NATSEQ features:

  • A Patent-Pending Locking System: The kayak's locking system is based on a commonly used automotive style latch. Along with keeping the boat sections together, the latches also eliminate gaps and provide unrivaled rigidity between sections.

  • Quick Assembly: Breaking down into either three or four interlocking sections, the NATSEQ is quick to put together and get out on the water. No need to mess with unruly roof or hitch-mounted racks ever again.

  • Solo or Tandem Set-Ups: Thanks to its modular design and locking system, you can paddle tandem or solo. Just remove or add a second cockpit for your preferred set-up.

Available for Pre-Order from now until December 15th!

Scroll down to Download the Spec Sheet or Contact Red Beard today!

rowing NATSEQ Kayak in water

NATSEQ outside of car




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